Postgraduate elective courses - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Postgraduate elective courses

Elective courses allow you the freedom to tailor your program toward your personal or professional interests.

School of Business and Creative Industries

  • ACC521 Corporate Reporting
  • ACC610 Strategic Management Accounting
  • ACC611 Taxation Law and Practice
  • ACC620 Contemporary Accounting Issues
  • ACC621 Issues in Auditing Practice
  • ACC701 Accounting for Managers
General Business
  • BUS702 Economics for Managers
  • BUS703 Evidenced Based Decision Making
  • BUS704 Finance and Accounting for Managers
  • BUS705 Innovation Management and Professional Development
  • BUS707 Managing Across Global Cultures
  • BUS708 International Trade and Finance
  • BUS710 Digital Branding
  • MBA725 Leadership Development
Health Sector Management
  • HSM701 Issues in Health Sector Management
Information Systems
  • INF701 Management Informatics
  • MGT701 Leading and Managing Organisations
  • MGT702 Understanding and Managing Organisational Behaviour
  • MGT703 Strategy, Governance and Ethics
  • MGT704 Global Business Management
  • MGT711 Entrepreneurship and Venture Planning
  • MGT712 Corporate Governance, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • MGT730 Innovation by Design
  • MGT731 Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation
  • MGT735 Retail Supply Chain Management and Procurement
  • MGT737 Supply Chain Management
  • PRM701 Project Management Principles
  • MKG701 Marketing in a Global Environment
  • MKG721 Food Marketing

School of Education and Tertiary Access

  • EDU700 Professional Learning
  • EDU705 Leadership for Learning Communities

School of Health and Behavioural Sciences

  • HLT600 Indigenous Wellbeing Foundations
  • PUB600 Public Health Research and Evidence
  • PUB701 Foundations of Epidemiology
  • PUB702 Health Promotion Implementation and Evaluation
  • PUB703 Health Promotion Principles
  • PUB704 Health Promotion Settings and Advocacy
  • PUB705 Health Promotion Community Assessment and Planning
  • PUB706 Introduction to Behavioural Health
  • PUB707 Public Health Foundations
  • PUB708 Quantitative Research Methods
  • PUB725 Health Research Project A

School of Law and Society

  • BUS503 Principles of Commercial Law
  • BUS706 International Business Law and Ethics
Human Society, Society and Culture
  • DEV700 International Development and Aid
  • DEV701 Development Practice and Evaluation
  • DEV702 International Human Rights, Peace and Conflict, and Environmental Justice
  • DEV705 Governance, Engagement & Capacity Building
  • GEO700 Indigenous Peoples and Sustainability
  • SCS725 Advanced Social Research
  • SCS730 Social Theories for Practice: Power, Oppression and the ‘Good Society’
  • SWK703 Introduction to Social Work
  • SWK704 Direct Practice 1
  • SWK705 Direct Practice 2
  • SWK706 International and Global Social Work
  • SWK708 Engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • SWK777 Children, Youth and Families: Challenges, Critique and Change
  • SWK785 Social Work in Health and Mental Health

School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine
  • HLT500 Ageing in Australia
  • HLT700 Foundations of Clinical Teaching
  • HLT701 Qualitative Research: Approaches and Practice
  • HLT702 Simulation in Practice Education
  • HLT703 Special Project: Evaluating Practice Knowledge
  • HLT704 Special Project: Translating Knowledge into Practice
  • NUR713 Independent Study

School of Science, Technology and Engineering

Information Systems
Cyber Security
  • SEC708 Psychology of Cybercrime