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At UniSC, we believe in the power of education, research, and community impact. Join our vibrant team of dedicated professionals and talented academics who are committed to shaping the future through innovation and collaboration.

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We're young, vibrant, ambitious and one of the fastest growing universities in Australia. This is our culture.

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UniSC in the News

Spring 2023: a chance to undo beach erosion
12 Sep 2023

Drier El Nino conditions this spring may give South East Queensland beaches a chance to replenish after three years of wet weather damage, according to scientists recording the cycle with cutting-edge drone mapping techniques.

Global plastic pollution crisis: The Galápagos Islands under threat
13 Mar 2023

It is one of most pristine and protected places in the world, but new research has revealed the alarming extent of plastic pollution in the Galápagos archipelago and the harm it poses to the rare and endangered animals who live there.

Parasitic wasp among new insect species found in Qld
8 Mar 2023

A Sunshine Coast school will help taxonomists name a wasp species new to western science after its students caught the insect as part of a tri-state project to uncover more of Australia’s biodiversity, says UniSC entomologist Dr Andy Howe.

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Do work that matters, connect with great people, and contribute to the journey.