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For our champions

Through opportunities for students to work with our partners amongst the big names in sport, learn from world-renowned experts and champions, and access nationally-accredited facilities, we create the perfect launch pad for dream sporting careers, on or off the field. Find out more...

For a better tomorrow

Through teaching, research and hands-on experiences, UniSC students access the technology of the future. Our students are soaring into the future of aviation, with the opportunity to make history as part of the first ever student-built electric aircraft project, which aims to take to the skies from 2024.

For a better tomorrow

We’re creating a better tomorrow for our youth and communities, through teaching, research and community education to improve mental health and promote greater overall wellbeing. Our researchers are working to create better outcomes for teens by mapping young brains to predict mental health issues. Find out more.

For a better tomorrow

Plastic pollution and climate impacts are causing sea turtles to starve. In addition, they’re battling a mystery shell-wasting disease. We’re creating a better future for these magnificent creatures and the ecosystems who rely on them, through teaching, research and community collaboration to save and protect endangered sea turtles. Find out more...

For a better tomorrow

UniSC scientists are on a quest to safeguard Australia’s iconic koala from extinction, with the development of a chlamydial vaccine. Study at a uni that’s creating a better tomorrow by using science to save our endangered koala population. Find out more...

For better learning

We believe a world-class education is about more than textbooks and lecture theatres. Learn through hands-on experiences at UniSC, where flexible online and on-campus learning means you can go far, without traveling far. In fact, our top-notch facilities are right on your regional doorstep. Find out more...

For our planet

Reef Manta Rays are the ocean’s gentle giants, an iconic and ecologically important species. Sadly, they are listed as Vulnerable to Extinction on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Through our collaborative research venture ‘Project Manta’, we’re working to unravel the mysteries of manta rays in the quest to save them from the threat of extinction. Find out more...

For our planet

Seaweed is not the most glamorous of sea species, but it’s amongst the most environmentally important, with underwater forests supporting entire marine ecosystems. Seaweed also has enormous social and economic value, benefiting human health, wellbeing, and livelihoods. Our Seaweed Research Group works with communities, business and government across the world to develop seaweed as a resource that creates healthier people, and a healthier planet. Find out more...

Study your way

Study options include more than 150 programs over five campuses spread across South East Queensland. With online and blended study options available, our regional students have study, research and employment opportunities right on their doorstep. And if you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help.

Flexible learning

Our flexible learning options are designed to fit uni in with work and life, so you can learn while you live, and live while you learn.

What will you study?

A better tomorrow for

Our planet

We’re fighting for a better future for endangered marine creatures, like sea turtles and manta rays, along with the ecosystems who rely on them as keystone species.

And since we know the role seaweed can play to help reverse the effects of water pollution, loss of biodiversity, and even significantly boost fish immunity when incorporated into feed, our Seaweed Research Group is working to develop seaweed as a global resource that creates healthier people, and a healthier planet.

Find out more about our conservation initiatives.

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