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Wearables and IoT

Minor (4)

Only students enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Science are eligible to undertake the Wearables and IoT minor.

For a minor in Wearables and IoT, students must successfully complete 4 courses:

CourseSemester of offerRequisites
CSC203 Software Defined Networking
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 2
DES222 Responsive Design and Wearable Technologies
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 2
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 2
  • Online: Semester 2
Pre: DES221
CSC304 Digital Fabrication
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 1
Pre: DES221 or DES222
ELC304 Embedded System Design
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 2
Pre: ELC205 and Course Coordinator Consent Required