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High Performance Student Athletes Graduate with Excellence

The UniSC Gradutation Ceremonies celebrated the successes of the high performance student athletes as they finalised their time at UniSC.

We may see student athlete back completing honours or initiating PhD’s whereas, others will begin work in their field of study and continue to compete at their highest level in sport.

Either way, the high performance staff are incredibly proud of their achievements in sport and academically.

Within 9 degrees alone, 8 received University Medals for Academic Excellence, a further 7 received University Commendations for Academic Excellence and a further 9 graduated.

We caught up with Lucy Bowden who completed her Bachelor of Creative Industries in 2022 and was a part of the High Performance Student Athlete Program.

Lucy won the Gerald Mills Memorial Prize for Wildlife Photography in her final semester of study at UniSC.

“It was quite a surprise and a nice touch to end my time at The University of Sunshine Coast’, she said.

“I have been drawn to photography for sometime now although, it was more a side project until I commenced my studies at UniSC".

"I give a lot of credit to Tricia King who introduced the class to the opportunities and growth within the world of photography and content creation”.

Lucy praises the High Performance Student Athlete Program.

“The support system the High-Performance Program offers allows athletes to train, compete and study all at the highest level without the concern of missing assessment dates, vital training sessions or competitions”.

When asked what she would tell her younger first-year student self, Lucy mentioned that students should start building their network early.

“I recall early on in semester one the teachers explaining to us that getting to know your peers is important – you might work with them one day”.

“As a new student, you kind of go yeah, yeah, but no, they are correct, your peers and your teachers are vital in your success at university and beyond”.

The final semesters of studies can be some of the best Lucy mentioned.

“You build a great relationship with your teachers and the pathway beyond university is starting to form”.

“Don’t be afraid to try something new, it might not be exactly what we're thinking but experience, is experience and the network you meet may open up future doors”.

With numerous student athletes graduating, we look forward to following their movements beyond the university campus.

For more information on the UniSC High Performance Student Athlete Program, click here.


Lucy's winning photograph can be found below.