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Education and training

Learn from experts at USC's Thompson Institute, who are at the forefront of world-class mental health and neuroscience research, clinical services and education.

We cater for postgraduate students, professionals, the community, and high school students.

Tertiary education

Expert course contributors

Students at USC’s Thompson Institute have the benefit of hearing from a range of expert contributors during their studies.

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Training and workshops

Mental health training

Take your organisation's training to the next level with mental wellbeing workshops backed by the latest science.

Stethoscope on clipboard
Mental Health Skills Training
General practitioners

Gain the skills needed to provide evidence-based, person-centred mental health care through high-quality treatment plans. RACGP accredited.

High schools

Man and women in science lab looking at brain model

Summer internship

USC’s Thompson Institute offers a summer internship for secondary students interested in neuroscience, research, and mental health.

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