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Our people

Leadership Team


  • Adj Prof John Chapman - Pacific Islands developing fruit industries
  • Dr Dana Craven - Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Prof John Herbohn - Reforestation for livelihood strategies of smallholders and communities in tropical countries
  • Dr Pranesh Kishore - Development of high-quality pearl production (based in Fiji)
  • Adj Research Fellow Roselyn Kumar - Future of Pacific Islands region (climate change adaptation, culture, livelihood sustainability)
  • Dr Monal Lal - Pearl oyster genetics (based in Fiji)
  • Adj Research Fellow Marita Manley - Pacific-focused agribusiness development (based in Fiji)
  • Dr Thane Militz - Sustainable development of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) marine aquarium trade
  • Adj A/ Prof Seeseei Molimau-Samasoni - Postharvest horticulture, agriculture and natural crops (based in Samoa)
  • Dr Tony Page - Agroforestry for livelihood benefits and environmental services
  • Adj A/Prof Soane Patolo - Rural development and engagement (based in Tonga)
  • A/Professor Lex Thompson - Pacific Agribusiness and agroforestry
  • Max Wingfield - Fisheries biology and sustainable aquaculture industries

  • Dr Yuchan Zhou - Plant genetics
  • Dr Vikki Schaffer
  • Dr Samantha Nowland - Adj Research Fellow - Aquaculture, tropical rock oyster culture in remote communities
  • Mr Pierick Martin - Climate change adaptation and coastal and marine environments


  • Dr Cathy Hair - Sea cucumbers, community-based farming methods and sustainable mariculture development (based in PNG and Australia)
  • Dr Cherise Addinsall - Agritourism and sustainable tourism policy, planning and management (based in Vanuatu)
  • Dr Christine Jacobson - Agriculture extension and resilience
  • Ms Salote Waqairatu - Aquaculture and agribusiness (based in Fiji)
  • Ms Patricia Bibi - Pacific focused agritourism and Indigenous women empowerment (based in Fiji)


Thesis title

Bridget Horsey

Exploring food literacy to support preparation and consumption of local, traditional foods in Pacific Island communities

Karis Ramsay

Gender influences on food choice in small island developing states

Loredana Lancini

Environmental crises and local traditions: contemporary and ancient perspectives (based in France)

Daniela Medina Hidalgo

Riding the wave: improving climate change adaptation strategies, while supporting food and nutrition security in the Pacific

John Grogan

Migration with Dignity: Kiribati Climate change/justice Exodus

Christopher Evans

Patterns of Migration in the South Pacific

Melanie Harris

Opportunities for Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) to Climate Change on Tropical Islands: An example from the Palau Islands, Northwest Pacific Ocean

Louisa-Anne Buwalda

Women’s experiences of natural disaster: Ni-Vanuatu women’s voices on their issues and solutions.

Jalasayi Atkinson-Nolte

Cultural components of attitudes towards environmental risk

William Johnston

The economics of pearl farming in the Western Pacific: developmental pathways and impediments in Fiji and Tonga

Nittya Simard

The role of shell handicraft livelihoods for coastal communities in New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea

Kelly Brown

Regional sea cucumber genetics (based in Fiji)

Shalendra Prasad

Production and Postharvest Handling of Pineapples in Fiji (based in Fiji)


  • Dr Inez Mahony - Centre management
  • Dr Linda Wess - Engagement
  • Tash Turgoose - Communications
  • Tara Johnstone - Horticulture
  • Dawn Southgate - Tropical Aquaculture ACIAR Project Support