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Start uni in high school

12 Aug 2020

Is your child moving into Year 11 or 12 next year and can’t wait to start university? USC’s Headstart program might be for them. Headstart gives Year 11 and 12 students a real university experience and sets them up for their future, allowing them to study first-year uni subjects and receive credit to take time off their degree.

Attend our online information evening

Join us at our Headstart Information Evening Online on Thursday 17 September where we’ll take you through everything you and your child need to know to get started on their Headstart journey. We’ll also share some tips and advice on how you can best support your child through Headstart. Registrations are open now.

Why study Headstart?

There are so many benefits to studying Headstart:

  • Your child can gain credit towards their USC degree, which can reduce their study load and length of their degree.
  • Save money! Headstart reduces the overall cost of your child’s degree. The first Headstart course is free, and additional subjects are only $400. Scholarships are also available to eligible applicants to help cover tuition fees or textbook costs.
  • Prepare for and get a taste of university life. When your child enrols in their university degree, they’ll already be a step ahead having completed study at this level.
  • Your child can broaden their education and enhance their school performance. They can extend on their favourite subject at school or use it as an opportunity to try something new. By studying at a more advanced level, they’ll also learn new academic skills and have access to extra study resources to improve their school performance.
  • Successfully completed Headstart courses can contribute to your child’s QCE. One semester counts for two credits.
Meet Headstart students

Hear from previous Headstart students who share their experiences about the program and how it’s helped them grow their confidence.

Chancellor State College student Petra Nunn said USC’s Headstart program helped her manage her time and balance her commitments.

“It teaches you how to balance school, study, part-time work and other interests and manage your time. Being 16, I didn’t really have those skills until going to USC.”

USC Journalism student Liam Bland also said Headstart helped boost his confidence when he commenced his degree.

“During the first few weeks of my Journalism degree, I felt much more confident. Knowing how to write and reference tertiary-level assessments was a great advantage.”

Find out more

If your child is interested in studying USC’s Headstart program, applications are now open. For more information on how to apply, search 'Headstart' on our website or contact your school’s Headstart Coordinator.

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