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Topical experts for the summer break

Summer means more time in the sun and less time working. It’s a season that brings new topics to the fore, from loneliness to sun exposure, food intake to holidaymaking.

The following experts from the University of the Sunshine Coast are available for interview on various summertime topics (with appropriate notice) during the holiday season.

Dr Amanda Clacy

Contact: 07 5456 3895,

Mental health and suicide prevention. Dr Clacy can discuss the mental health challenges of the summer holiday season and the importance of reaching out for support. She is conducting a study about people’s general knowledge around mental health and suicide and their experiences accessing help. Dr Clacy is a Research Fellow in Suicide Prevention at the USC Mind and Neuroscience – Thompson Institute.

Professor Michael Kimlin

Contact: 07 5456 5229,

Sun exposure and skin protection. Research areas include skin cancer, sun exposure, vitamin D in Australia, sunburn, eye damage. In a recent study he found a surprising link between internet searches about melanoma and the number of officially confirmed cases.

Professor John Lowe

Contact: 07 5459 4752,

Dehydration in sport and exercise during summer. Staying hydrated during summer and while exercising. His research areas also include cancer prevention and control, skin cancer, smoking cessation and prevention, health promotion, alcohol and drug abuse, behavioural medicine, media and obesity.

Dr Javier Leon

Contact: 07 5456 3405, 0410 549931 or

Does surfing bring greater crowds to the Sunshine Coast and particularly Noosa during the summer break? Do the surf breaks get too crowded and are there strategies that could be employed to alleviate this pressure on the beach, parking and amenities? Dr Leon is the Geography Lecturer who will teach the Geography of Surfing subject at USC. He also researches coastal erosion and cyclones.

Dr Bridie Scott-Parker

Contact: 07 5456 5844,

Road safety during the holiday season, behaviour of drivers young and old.

Dr Ali Black

Contact: 07 5456 5156 or 0413 12 11 33

What kinds of things can I do with my child over the holidays? The importance of holidays and relaxation for young children and teenagers. Why having a break is important and how it supports children’s wellbeing. The value of being outdoors and in nature over the holidays.

Dr Nicholas Paul

07 5459 4533, 0418600255 or

Seaweed as a holiday treat. Perhaps one day our Christmas lunches and barbecues could feature seaweed? Dr Paul leads research on seaweed and algae for new product development, based on a platform of sustainable production.

Dr Vikki Schaffer

07 5459 4705 or

Sustainable tourism during peak holiday season.

Dr Elizabeth Brunton


Wildlife protection while travelling on the roads. Dr Brunton leads the Protect our Mob campaign to create driver awareness around kangaroo vulnerabilities on our roads

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