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Efficiency, ecology at the heart of new Moreton Bay Campus buildings
2 Feb

Specialty European timber that regenerates “in five-to-six minutes” is among the sustainable materials being used in the second stage of the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Moreton Bay campus.

Too much sex and not enough sleep is deadly for endangered marsupial
1 Feb

Endangered male Northern Quolls are giving up sleep in favour of having more sex – and it could be killing them, according to new research led by the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Mind Games: UniSC researchers explore how athletes’ beliefs affect their anxiety
31 Jan

Can changing what athletes believe about their own thinking processes, affect their anxiety and performance?University of the Sunshine Coast researchers investigate.

Collaborative, community focus for new School of Health at UniSC
31 Jan

As opportunities in the regional health sector continue to rise, The University of the Sunshine Coast has created a new School of Health bringing together all health and sport disciplines from Fraser Coast to Moreton Bay.

‘Huge regional opportunities’: UniSC partners with Comlink Australia on future of aged care
27 Jan

Queenslanders now have more regional pathways to employment, thanks to a new partnership that will allow university students to stay in their home regions and earn while they learn.

Rugby league player inducted into Sports Hall of Fame
24 Jan

National Rugby League Premiership winner and Queensland State of Origin winner Chris Flannery has been inducted into the Sunshine Coast Sports Hall of Fame.

Global short course to help protect earth’s animals
24 Jan

A new short course is offering the chance to join a global online classroom for a deep dive into the amazing world of animals – and to better understand the impact we are having on their lives.

Lindsay's journey to become the outdoor educator
20 Jan

Whether Lindsay realised it or not, his journey to become one of Australia's leading young outdoor practioners started with training a couple of goats.

Can The Last of Us TV series finally break the bad video game adaptation curse?
19 Jan

The Last of Us might be able to break the last three decades’ track record of disastrous adaptations.

Aggressive shrimps and surprising predators make life tough for spanner crabs
19 Jan

For years, fishers have suspected sharks of stealing their spanner crab catch.

A tale of two cities: How we got the history of Calicut wrong and what we can learn from it
17 Jan

The rise and fall of the ancient Indian port city of Calicut is a confusing, mysterious and tumultuous chapter in mankind’s history. That’s because it’s wrong according to UniSC researchers.

Study investigates the 'trashy' lives of white ibis
16 Jan

Australia’s native white ibis is a bird with a bad reputation, now a research project in Moreton Bay is trying to better understand how the lives of ‘bin chickens.’

Investigational respiratory 3-in-one vaccine - clinical trial begins in Brisbane
12 Jan

The University of the Sunshine Coast will lead trials in Brisbane for an investigational vaccine that could address three respiratory viruses in one.

UniSC gains a ‘twin’ as part of global capacity building partnership
10 Jan

The University of the Sunshine Coast has formed a twinning partnership with Papua New Guinea’s newest university to help build its teaching and learning capacity through a collaborative work and cultural exchange.

4 creepy crawlies you’ll see more of this wet summer – and one iconic beetle you’ll probably miss
9 Jan

Insects to keep an eye out for this summer and the mysterious decline of Australia's decorative December visitor. Erin Siostom writes for The Conversation.

Meet the eastern bristlebird: tragically under-appreciated, and one fire away from local extinction
9 Jan

Could the decline of the eastern bristlebird be a canary in the coalmine for Australia's land management practices? Dominique Potvin writes for The Conversation.

Seaweed consumption among young Australians
6 Jan

Young Australians are increasingly turning to seaweed for its flavour, nutrient content, and health benefits, despite facing barriers to buying it.

Sports facility renamed UniSC Arena
23 Dec 2022

The University of the Sunshine Coast has updated the name of its indoor sports facility to UniSC Arena.

UniSC offers Queensland's first degree in prosthetics and orthotics
21 Dec 2022

The University of the Sunshine Coast has become the first Queensland university to offer prosthetics and orthotics as an undergraduate degree.

Of Sultans and Spice
20 Dec 2022

Empires once waged war for a taste of Ternate's prized spices. Centuries later, UniSC is helping bring the flavours of the small Indonesian island back to the world.

Social media and eating disorders: a dangerous two-way street
20 Dec 2022

The influence of social media on the risk and development of eating disorders is well-documented – but does this go both ways?

UniSC student lands ‘dream’ Dolphins job
15 Dec 2022

With their inaugural NRL season fast-approaching, The Dolphins have signed another promising young talent – but not one you’ll see on the field any time soon. University of the Sunshine Coast Bachelor of Sports Studies student Jayden Mitchell will be suiting up for The Dolphins sales department, after impressing the club during his work placement.

Is it OK to prank your kids? Do they get it? And where’s the line?
15 Dec 2022

Pranking can spectacularly backfire, especially if the intention is to humiliate the prankee, UniSC psychology lecturer Dr Rachael Sharman writes for The Conversation

Queensland shootings highlight increase in anti-police sentiment around the world
14 Dec 2022

Attacks on police are increasing both domestically and globally, which may be a result of growing civil unrest that has been exacerbated by COVID restrictions and lockdowns, according to University of the Sunshine Coast criminology researchers.

How to protect children's mental health when separating
14 Dec 2022

Couples who have decided to separate are putting on a happy face to perform their final Christmas as an intact family, with January known by family court lawyers as “divorce month” for this very reason.

35 UniSC experts available for hot topics of summer
13 Dec 2022

As temperatures heat up in the Christmas lead-up, academics from the University of the Sunshine Coast are on hand with the latest research and evidence-based opinions for hot news topics.

Videographer applies research lens to marine  encounters
12 Dec 2022

Her underwater encounters with marine life are viral sensations that put the global spotlight on the need to protect Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – and now University of the Sunshine Coast graduate Jacinta Shackleton hopes her research can do the same.

UniSC celebrates its amazing achievers and rising stars
1 Dec 2022

International best-selling crime writer Candice Fox and Dr Brad Stefanovic, a major executive in the fast-paced world of biotech research and development in New York, share a special connection.

Novel brain imaging study seeks answers to chronic fatigue mystery
30 Nov 2022

Vibrant and full of energy, occupational rehabilitation consultant Nadia was living her best life - until the fatigue took hold.

Kangaroo gait research attracts $434k in ARC funding
25 Nov 2022

A study to understand more about how kangaroos move has attracted major funding to the University of the Sunshine Coast.