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The power and pleasure – and occasional backlash – of celebrity conspiracy theories
22 Feb

Social media acts as a platform and amplifier of fan-led conspiracy theorising, UniSC's Dr Naomi Smith co-writes for The Conversation.

School students to meet favourite authors, illustrators on campus
21 Feb

More than 20 leading Australian authors and illustrators will bring their stories to life – in person and virtually – at the annual Beyond the Book Literature Festival on the Sunshine Coast from tomorrow, Thursday 22 February.

New co-working space offers chance to join Moreton Bay innovation ecosystem
21 Feb

Moreton Bay businesses are invited to tap into the innovation ecosystem at the city’s newest co-working space at UniSC Moreton Bay

Staff room moment in ‘back of beyond’ changes teaching career direction
21 Feb

A comment in the school staff room of a remote Australian town set senior teacher Tracey Sanderson on a quest to complete a Master of Education and then a PhD to help the next generation of educators.

Nearly 4800 new students on course for UniSC orientation
16 Feb

Campuses from Moreton Bay to Fraser Coast are set to welcome nearly 4,800 new students to the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2024.

New collaborative research on exercising to ease depression
15 Feb

Dancing, walking, jogging and strength training are more effective than other types of exercise in helping treat depression, according to new research published overnight and co-authored by a UniSC academic.

Trial for potential rheumatoid arthritis treatment begins
15 Feb

A potential new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis that focuses on the gut microbiome is set to be trialled on the Sunshine Coast, with researchers now seeking study participants.

Justine Dunsmore's role in helping bring us some of our biggest festivals
13 Feb

Justine Dunsmore has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in music.

Lizards, elephants and hanging with Hermione: Jess’s journey from UniSC to Oxford
12 Feb

Jessica Tacey has been chasing animals for as long as she can remember - from whales in Western Australia, to lizards at UniSC and now elephants as a PhD student at Oxford.

Research finds overuse of multivitamins in pregnancy
12 Feb

Pregnant women trying to stay healthy for their babies are relying too heavily on multivitamins instead of good food in their second trimesters, according to a new study led by the University of the Sunshine Coast and Mater Research.

COVID hasn’t gone away – here’s where Australia needs to do better
12 Feb

As we enter its fifth year, COVID continues to have negative effects on individuals, health services and society at large - UniSC's Dr Matt Mason co-writes for The Conversation.

Guardians of the Hollywood squid biology
6 Feb

When Professor Scott Cummins sat down to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, he had no idea his breakthrough research was about to make it's Hollywood debut.

‘Speckles’ the piebald dolphin makes a splash as Australian first
5 Feb

University of the Sunshine Coast researchers believe they have recorded one of the world’s most unusually coloured dolphins for the first time in Australian waters

New genus of ‘alien-faced’ multi-legged forest dwellers discovered
1 Feb

UniSC researchers have uncovered a new genus and five new species of millipedes in remote African jungles – and say the many-legged creatures could hold important clues to whether woody vines are choking or protecting the world’s forests.

Research to save tiny bats from housing crisis
31 Jan

Tiny insect-eating bats that weigh less than a tablespoon of butter but munch several times their body weight in mosquitoes, moths and pest insects every night are facing their own South East Queensland housing crisis.

Not such a silly (seaweed) sausage
30 Jan

Our researchers used 'seaweed sausages' in a trial project to help purify Moreton Bay waterways.

New funding for research centre as sea turtles battle mystery disease
25 Jan

Marine research in the Fraser Coast has received a major funding boost from the Federal Government, as UniSC scientists examine a potential link between the habitat health and a mystery shell-wasting disease in the region’s endangered sea turtles.

Using science to help save Sunshine Coast koalas
23 Jan

UniSC's Detection Dogs for Conservation are working with groups across the Sunshine Coast to save the region's koalas.

Avoid inflammatory food to help save ageing muscles: new research
23 Jan

If you’re aged over 65 and having trouble unscrewing a jar or climbing a staircase, you may want to check your diet for inflammatory foods.

Mould alert for Queensland as high humidity lingers
22 Jan

Watch out for fuzzy food and discoloured bread - with recent high humidity, mould and fungi could be forming in your pantry right now, says UniSC microbiologist Dr Ipek Kurtböke.

Vines strangle forests in warm temperatures, threaten planet’s cooling ‘carbon sink’: Global study
19 Jan

As earth records its hottest year ever, a global research collaboration has found warmer temperatures are a key driver in woody vines taking over the world’s forests – threatening their vital role in helping cool the atmosphere by storing carbon.

One third of small businesses end up in dispute with digital marketing providers
18 Jan

Digital marketing can be vital to the success of a small business yet one-in-three end up in a dispute with their provider, according to new research by the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Screen media graduate transforms passion into producer success
18 Jan

Claudio Cellie first fell in love at the age of 14...with the magical world of film and TV, so studying creative industries in screen and media was a no-brainer; now, he’s found his perfect place in film – in production – where the foundation of every film starts, grows, and ends.

UniSC launches 'Inclusive Digital Design for Business' course to foster accessibility and inclusion in the digital age
16 Jan

Digital communications are inescapable in our modern lives, but people with mobility, sensory, sociocultural, demographic, or neurological differences face barriers in accessing the digital communications, such as websites, others take for granted; UniSC's newly launched 'Inclusive Digital Design for Business' course aims to change that.

Brain changes could predict mental distress in first year of high school
15 Jan

By looking closely at the brain, we may be able to identify which first-year high school students are more prone to psychological distress, new research has found.

Beyond backpacks: Tips for teachers heading back to school
11 Jan

The holidays are ending, and retailers are starting to roll out their 'Back to School' sales; but it's not only kids who are getting ready for the new school year...

Dogs are incredible – if unlikely – allies in conservation
8 Jan

Dogs have been working with people for centuries.

UniSC researchers collect ‘the love language’ of crocodiles
2 Jan

Using video and acoustic recording equipment installed in Australia Zoo’s crocodile habitats, UniSC researchers have been collecting the ‘love language’ of Australia’s apex predators.

Epidemic of broken hearts triggered by violence and injustice
20 Dec 2023

Love is the answer as violence and injustice help to create an epidemic of broken-heartedness across Australia, according to University of Sunshine Coast social work academic and ‘love theorist’ Dr Dyann Ross.

Defying the gravity of expectations
19 Dec 2023

He struggled with challenges through high school and was told science was not for him; now Ryan is defying all expectations (especially his own) by excelling in environmental science at the University of the Sunshine Coast, proving in the great experiment of life, perseverance is the key ingredient.