Understanding the timetable - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Understanding the timetable

The information below will assist you in understanding the USC timetable and to locate the correct room at each of USC's study locations.

When planning your enrolment, it is important to take note of the location where the course is offered - some courses are available at multiple locations. When using the Timetable Planner, remember that you still need to formally enrol in your courses and classes in USC Central.

Refer also to the campus maps.

Fields used in the timetable
  • SemestersSessions and Trimesters are the different teaching periods during the academic year. The Academic Calendar details the dates for these periods.
  • Lecture: A lecture involves a member of the teaching staff presenting themes and concepts related to a course of study to students.
  • Tutorial: A tutorial is a forum for discussion and consolidation of the themes and concepts introduced in a lecture. Tutorial classes usually have smaller students numbers to provide an atmosphere of discussion, interaction, presentation and debate.
  • Laboratory: A laboratory is a practical class held in a computer, science, sport or nursing lab. Special footwear and/or clothing may be required to participate.
  • Workshop: Workshops usually involve a member of USC's teaching staff presenting themes and concepts related to a course of study, or the development of a skill. Workshops also allow discussion, interaction, presentation and debate on a topic.
  • Course code: A combination of subject code and catalog number, used to identify the course in USC Central (eg COR109)
  • Class: A combination of component number, class type and class number (eg T1 Tutorial 1756)
  • Location/in room: The venue for the class. Refer to Finding your room (below)
  • Starting at/ending at: The start and end times of the class (24 hour time format)
  • Between these dates: The class meets between these dates. Note that not all classes are held every week - laboratory sessions, for example, may be fortnightly and will have multiple entries under this heading
  • P: Indicates a postgraduate-level course

Check out the Explanation of terms (our A-Z list) to decipher university phrases, terminology and definitions.

Finding your room

Chancellor State College

Room code example: CH-SN24


  • CH identifies Chancellor State College as the venue
  • SN24 is the room number

A small number of education courses are held at Chancellor State College is adjacent to the USC Sport Precinct.

Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI)

Room code example: 03-SAR-007


  • 03 is the floor number
  • SAR is the building code
  • 007 is the room number
USC Caboolture

Room code example: CAK110


  • CA identifies Caboolture as the venue
  • K identifies K Block as the building
  • 1 is the floor number
  • 10 is the room number
USC Fraser Coast

Room code example: FCA-1.25


  • FC identifies Fraser Coast as the venue
  • A identifies A Block as the building
  • 1 is the floor number
  • 25 is the room number
USC Gympie

Room code example: GY.G.01


  • GY identifies Gympie as the venue
  • G identifies the floor number
  • 01 is the room number

Room code example: GYJND8


  • GYJN identifies James Nash State High School as the venue
  • D identifies D Block as the building
  • 8 is the room number
USC Moreton Bay

Room code example: MB-A.G.30


  • MB identifies Moreton Bay as the venue
  • A identifies A Block as the building
  • G is the floor number
  • 30 is the room number
USC SouthBank

Room code example: SBG3016


  • SB identifies USC SouthBank as the venue
  • G identifies Building G as the building
  • 3 is the floor number (Level 3)
  • 016 – is the room number
USC Sunshine Coast

Room code example: CG50


  • SD identifies USC Sunshine Coast as the venue
  • C identifies Building C as the building
  • G is the floor number (ground floor)
  • 50 is the room number

Rooms without a CH, SAR, CA, FC, GY, MB, or SB prefix can be assumed to be at the Sunshine Coast campus.