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Laura Mills

BSocSc(Psych) (Hons), USC

  • PhD Candidate & Research Assistant
Office location
Room G.68, Innovation Centre
Sunshine Coast
Laura Mills


Laura Mills is a PhD student at the MAIC/UniSC Road Safety Research Collaboration. Her program of research is focused on drug driving, deterrence, and the use of Facebook police location communities to avoid detection. Since starting her PhD in October 2020, Laura has conducted four studies, with two papers published from this program of work so far. She is due to complete her PhD in October 2023, with plans to publish two more papers.

Laura has also worked as a research assistant with the MAIC/UniSC Road Safety Research Collaboration since 2019 and has been involved in a range of projects relating to mobile phone use, speeding, and impaired driving. She is currently conducting research into the driving behaviours and perceptions of medical and recreational cannabis users in Australia.


MAIC/UniSC Road Safety Research Collaboration PhD Scholarship 

Research areas

  • Drug Driving
  • Injury Prevention
  • Fatal Traffic Injuries
  • Social Media
  • Policing
  • Speeding

Recent Publications

  • Mills, L., Truelove, V., & Freeman, J. (2023). Facebook and drug driving: Does online sharing work against road safety countermeasures?. Journal of Safety Research.
  • Mills, L., Freeman, J., Truelove, V., & Davey, J. (2022). Police location pages and groups on Facebook: Does knowing where the police are influence perceptions of certainty and drug driving behaviour? Safety Science.
  • Mills, L., Freeman, J., Parkes, A., & Davey, J. (2022). Do They Need to Be Tested to Be Deterred? Exploring The Impact Of Exposure to Roadside Drug Testing On Drug Driving. Journal of Safety Research.
  • Mills, L., Freeman, J., & Davey, J. (2022). A study into the nature and extent of drug driving recidivism in Queensland (Australia). Journal of Safety Research81, 116-122.
  • Mills, L., Watson-Brown, N., Freeman, J., Truelove, V., & Davey, J. (2021). An exploratory investigation into the self-regulatory processes influencing drug driving: Are young drivers more externally regulated?. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 80, 237-249.