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Detection Dogs for Conservation

Help the detection dog team support animal welfare.

Australia's wildlife faces enormous challenges - especially when it comes to habitat loss. Your support will help ensure its survival.

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Bear - Koala Detection Dog
  • $15
    can supply one of our detection dogs with their high-nutrition diets for a day
  • $20
    can go towards covering the cost of vet bills, ensuring our dogs remain in top health 
  • $50
    can buy a bed for one of our detection dogs, ensuring they receive the rest needed to perform well in the field
  • $100
    can pay for speciality booties to protect our detection dogs from injuring their paws on spikes, cacti or other hazards
  • $1,000
    can go towards specialised GPS collar equipment for the detection dogs, so we can collect data about areas we search
  • $1,500
    can allow two humans and a detection dog to spend a day in the field helping protect Australia's threatened wildlife

Lovable rascals

Our detection dogs are lovable rascals whose energy and obsessiveness make them terrible pets! But it's that same energy that makes them dedicated and passionate conservation workers.

We team up with animal refuge shelters to save dogs whose lives are at risk – usually troubled animals who are having a hard time finding a forever home.

By giving these special animals a purpose, we save their lives – and they repay the favour a hundredfold by saving other precious Australian natives.

In their downtime, they live like normal pets – they hang out at home with their handlers, come and rest in the office, go to the beach, play with other dogs and just generally live their best lives. The difference is, when these guys are working, they have an important job to do – one they love and that makes a big difference when it comes to animal welfare and habitat protection.

Bear - Koala Detection Dog
Meet Bear
Hyper-fast and hyper-passionate. This is Bear - the koolie with piercing blue eyes and mind focused on conservation.
Maya - Koala ecology researcher
Meet Maya
She's been with the team since it started. Maya is the beautiful and composed matriarch with a heart of gold.
Meet Baxter
He has the most gentle eyes. But behind his quiet and gentle exterior, Baxter has a heart that beats fiercely for conservation.
Meet Billie-Jean
She's independent and passionate. Billie Jean is always ready for work and makes sure she gets the job done properly.

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