School of Science, Technology and Engineering staff - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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School of Science, Technology and Engineering staff

  • Dr Graham Ashford: Deputy Head of School | Senior Lecturer, Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
Biomedical Sciences
Computer Science
Science and Environmental Science
  • Nicole Levi: School Administrative Assistant (HDR and Honours), School of Science, Technology and Engineering
  • Christine Mays: Personal Assistant to Head of School, School of Science and Engineering
  • Brooke Rogers: School Administration Officer, School of Science and Engineering
  • Susan Schiotz: Engagement and Events Officer


  • Dr Gianluca Amoroso, Adjunct Research Fellow
  • Dr Utpal Bose, Adjunct Associate Lecturer
  • Dr John Bradley, Adjunct Fellow
  • Mr Chris Camp, Industry Fellow
  • Ms Susie Chapman, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Norman Cheetham, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Dr Darren Drapper, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Peter Duncan, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Professor Jean-Marc Hero, Adjunct Professor
  • Mr Andy Hornbuckle, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow¬†
  • Dr Tan Hun, Adjunct Professor
  • Dr David James, Adjunct Professor
  • Dr Carolyn Jacobs, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Ben Jarihani, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
  • Professor Simon Kaplan, Adjunct Professor
  • Ms Georgia Keeshan, Industry Fellow
  • Dr Jack Koci, Adjunct Fellow
  • Dr Hejie Li, Adjunct Fellow
  • Professor Xian Jun Loh, Adjunct Professor
  • Mr Paul McDonald, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Ms Stephanie Moroz, Industry Fellow
  • Dr Vatsal Naik, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Dr Guoying Ni, Adjunct Research Fellow
  • Professor Colin Raston, Adjunct Professor
  • Dr Tim Smith, Adjunct Professor
  • Mr Robert Stringfellow, Industry Fellow
  • Mr Douglas Stuart, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Dr Dick Taylor, Adjunct Fellow
  • Dr John Thorogood, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Dr Katharina Tondera, Adjunct Research Fellow
  • Associate Professor Mark Utting, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Dr Md Abdul Wahab, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Christopher Walker, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Dr David Walter, Adjunct Professor
  • Associate Professor Peter Waterman, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Ms Amanda Yeates, Industry Fellow