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Supplementary Assessment - Procedures


Please refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for policies and procedures.

1. Purpose of procedures

A supplementary assessment is an additional form of assessment designed to assist in assessing whether a student has achieved the academic standard required for a Pass level of achievement; a student’s assessment demonstrates knowledge of fundamental concepts and essential skills sufficient to meet the course learning outcomes.

2. Courses exempt from providing supplementary assessment

The following types of courses are exempt from providing supplementary assessment:

(a) An identified dissertation or project course

(b) A course using Limited Grades

(c) A course specifically designed and only available to students in Bachelor Honours Degrees or higher degrees by research.

3. Eligibility for supplementary assessment

3.1 A student’s eligibility for supplementary assessment in a course is dependent on the following conditions applying:

(a) the final mark is in the percentage range 47 per cent to 49.4 per cent

(b) the course is graded using the Standard Grading scale

(c) the student has not failed an assessment task in the course due to academic misconduct (See Student Academic Integrity – Academic Policy and Student Academic Misconduct – Procedures.)

3.2 Supplementary assessment is not a possible outcome of a Review of Final Grade. Where the review process requires the student to complete additional assessment to reach a determination on an appropriate final mark and grade, an interim notation of Alternative Exam (AE) or Alternative Assessment – other (AO) is applied.

3.3 Students whose final mark is less than 47 per cent at the time of the official release of grades will not become eligible for supplementary assessment should an application for a review of final grade result in an adjusted final mark in the range of 47 to 49.4 per cent.

4. Nature of the supplementary assessment

4.1 Supplementary assessment may take the form of an appropriate assessment task which may be an assignment, or an oral or written examination or any other appropriate assessment instrument within the particular discipline, with the proviso that the supplementary assessment task(s) must be equivalent though not necessarily identical, to the failed assessment task(s).

4.2 In the case where the student has failed more than one assessment task, the supplementary task must be designed to cover the learning outcomes of all the failed assessment tasks.

5. Ratification of eligibility for supplementary assessment

5.1 The Interim Results Module (IRM) will identify that for eligible courses a student is entitled to be offered a supplementary assessment. The Course Coordinator should allocate an interim grade notation of either:

Supplementary examination (SU) - where the supplementary assessment is in the form of a central examination, or

Supplementary assessment - Other (SO) - where the supplementary assessment’s form is different to a central examination

5.2 The form of the supplementary assessment is approved by the School Assessment Moderation and Results Committee.

6. Notification of supplementary assessment

6.1 Students identified to undertake supplementary assessment will be given written notice by Student Services and Engagement (if the supplementary assessment task is a Central Examination) or the school office (if the supplementary assessment task takes a different form).

6.2 In the case of Supplementary assessment - Other (SO), subsequently to the initial notification, the Course Coordinator will provide the student with details on the task and logistics for completing the supplementary assessment.

6.3 This notification (which will be via the official USC student email account) must be sent to the student at least 10 working days prior to the due date of the supplementary assessment.

6.4 Where the supplementary assessment task requires attendance at the University, the task must be completed at the study location at which the initial assessment in the course took place, unless the Director, Student Services and Engagement in consultation with the school concerned, authorises otherwise in recognition of extreme mitigating circumstances.

7. Failure to take up the offer of supplementary assessment

Students who have been offered but do not undertake supplementary assessment will receive a Fail, and the original final mark reinstated.

8. Timing of supplementary assessment

If the supplementary assessment is in the form of assessment other than a central examination, it must be held within four weeks of the date of publication of grades for the relevant teaching period (the University’s Christmas /New Year closure is excluded from the four weeks). In the case of the supplementary assessment being a central examination, the assessment will be undertaken at the next available examination period

9. Marking supplementary assessment

9.1 The supplementary assessment task is marked on a pass / fail basis only. After marking the supplementary assessment, the Course Coordinator through the Head of School advises Student Services and Engagement that the student’s current grading notation is to be converted to a grade of Pass (PS) or Fail (FL). The grade awarded to the student for that course cannot be greater than a ‘Pass’.

9.2 Supplementary assessment results are usually finalised within seven days of the examination date or the due date for assessment.

10. Release of revised grade

Student Services and Engagement will progressively release the outcome of the supplementary assessment to students as the results are received from the schools.