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Dr Peter Innes

PhD Lond., MSocSc Qld., BA Qld.

  • Senior Lecturer, Social Sciences
+61 7 5459 4802
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Sunshine Coast
Dr Peter Innes

Dr Peter Innes has worked at a number of Australian universities including University of Queensland, Southern Queensland University and University of Tasmania, and overseas at the University of London, Royal Holloway. His teaching areas have centred on research methods and methodology, with particular focus in his teaching and experience in the use of computers to assist in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

In addition, Dr Innes continues to engage with IBM SPSS Australasia as an external consultant. As a consultant he assists public and private organisations and clients across Australian industry in using data analysis as a means to achieving research and development. He has a diverse experience consulting with firms on their research skills in various settings including government, hospitals, police, justice and corrections, factories, logistics, mining and exploration, stockbroking and insurance.

Dr Innes provides statistical advice and teaching to staff and higher degree students across the University.

Dr Innes' research area of expertise is in organisational change and restructuring. Specifically, he has focused on the structural patterns of job insecurity, the impact of organisational change on professionals, firm skills and knowledge. He has a background in sociology, social structure and change, psychology and human resources.

Research areas

  • social structure and inequality
  • organisational change, restructuring and job insecurity
  • organisational behaviour and human resource management
  • professionals and flexible work practices
  • peripheralisation of work (core ‘full-time’ and peripheral ‘part-time’)
  • neo-institutional theory, isomorphism

Teaching areas

  • Research and Data Analysis in Sociology and Psychology
  • Research Methods and Methodology
  • Using Computers to assist in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Survey Design and Analysis

Dr Peter Innes's specialist areas of knowledge include research and data analysis in psychology, research methods, qualitative and quantitative analysis, social structure, inequality, organisational change, restructuring and job insecurity, human resource management, neo-institutional theory, isomorphism.

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