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Dr Kristen Tulloch

PhD (Psychology) MQ, BA (Hons) (Psych) Deakin

  • Lecturer, Psychology
  • School of Health and Behavioural Sciences
+61 7 5456 3141
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Moreton Bay
Kristen Tulloch

Dr Kristen Tulloch lectures in psychology at USC, in the School of Health and Behavioural Science. She joined the school in 2021, following a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at The University of Queensland and collaborations with universities around Australia. Kris completed her PhD at Macquarie University and her Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours) at Deakin University.

Kris’ research is strongly influenced by positive psychology, or the investigation of positive functioning and strength-based approaches, working with individuals’ values to optimise wellbeing, life satisfaction and performance in pursuits meaningful to the individual. In practice, she has investigated ways to build students’ self-efficacy prior to undertaking clinical placement at university, and the ways in which student bias against older people can be reduced via research engagement. She has contributed to teams applying family-centred care in audiology, and ways in which evaluations of thought can influence behaviour.

Over the past 12 years, Kris has taught a range of undergraduate courses, predominantly in psychology with some interdisciplinary courses. Her approach to andragogy is founded on Knowles’ principles of adult learning, with particular emphasis on psychological safety and active learning tasks. She is particularly interested in facilitating greater integration of knowledge, to promote real-world application and deep understanding.

Professional Memberships 

  • Advance Higher Education – Associate Fellow
  • Australian Association of Gerontology – Member
  • Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia - Member


  • Tutor and Demonstrator Commendation – 2019, The University of Queensland

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Research Grants

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Focus (of research grant)

Does viewing ethnographic videos change audiology and speech-language pathology students’ clinical self-efficacy and anxiety in commencing clinical placement?

Associate Professor Nerina Scarinci,

Dr Kristen Tulloch

Associate Professor Christopher Lind



Student development

Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship

Kristen Tulloch




Alcohol craving

Potential Research Projects for HDR & Honours Students

  • Older people’s engagement in community gardens and wellbeing
  • Older athletes including recreational, Masters/Elite and oldest-old (80 years and over) athletes

Research areas

  • Older people’s wellbeing including community mobility
  • Wellbeing and positive psychology
  • Higher education practice & andragogy
  • Interprofessional education & practice
  • Person- and family-centred care
  • Third-party disability and care partnerships

Teaching areas

  • Current directions in psychology
  • Adult development and ageing
  • Scott, T. L., & Tulloch, K. (2021). Is community mobility contingent upon driving? Attitudes toward and intentions to use alternative modes of transport according to a mixed-aged sample. Journal of Transport & Health, 20, Article 100974, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jth.2020.100974
  • Tulloch, K., & Baillie, A. J. (2019). Development and initial evaluation of the Craving Metacognition Scale (CMS). Australian Psychologist, 55, 38-49. https://doi.org/10.1111/ap.12439
  • Scott, T. L., Kugelman, M., & Tulloch, K. (2019). How medical professional students view older people with dementia: implications for education and practice. PloS ONE, 14(11), Article e0225329. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0225329
  • Lind, C., Scarinci, N., Meyer, C., Tulloch, K., Hall, K., & Hickson, L. (2019). Implementing family-centred care in adult audiologic rehabilitation: The hows and whys of clinical practice. Audiology Today, 31(1), 30-37. https://www.audiology.org/sites/default/files/audiology_today/201901_AT.pdf
  • Pocuca, N., Hides, L., Zelenko, O., Quek, L.-H., Stoyanov, S., Tulloch, K., … Kavanagh, D. J. (2016). Initial prototype testing of Ray's Night Out: A new mobile app targeting risky drinking in young people. Computers in Human Behavior, 54, 207-214. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2015.07.03