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Parents and supporters

When your child is thinking about uni, it's natural to have questions about their plans.

But sometimes, the best thing you can do is stop asking – and start helping them find answers. Here, you'll find information and resources designed to help you guide and support your child as they make the transition to uni life.

The new work reality
How USC is helping students navigate the changing future workforce.
Mitchell Tilly
How to help your child choose the right degree
Tips to help your child explore their career options – including the roads less travelled.
Settling in
How to help your child make the transition to uni life.
The right support
Find out about the study and wellbeing support USC offers.
The importance of resilience
Why young people need to learn to be kind to themselves.
Planning for success
Tips to help your child develop successful study habits.
Balancing the student budget
Tips to help your new uni student stay on top of their finances

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