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Simons Family Scholarship

Scholarship applications for Semester 1, 2022 are now open and will close on 30 November 2021.

The Simons Family Scholarship supports Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) students with demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to make a positive impact in the community through the discipline of psychology.

The Scholarship provides financial assistance to encourage students, with a focus on improving community mental health outcomes, to excel in their chosen field. Students commencing their third year of full-time study in the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), having successfully completed 192 units of the degree, are eligible to apply.

 “We considered several disciplines as to what would be of most benefit to society in this time of pandemic and anxiety. We can look to far horizons for answers but our belief is that the answer is among us. Kindness and the ability to be there for others, to give hope and not platitudes, and to show there is a positive way forward. Psychology is an area which has the capacity to do this. We have great faith in this generation and wish you well.”

 – Dr David and Mrs Val Simons

One scholarship will be awarded every two years starting in 2022 and each recipient will be supported for 2 years of full-time study. Each recipient will receive $2,500 following confirmation of ongoing enrolment at Census of each semester for a maximum of four (4) semesters, totalling up to $10,000 per recipient.

Please Note:  This scholarship is offered on a yearly basis through funds provided by an external donor. If funding is not available in any given year, the scholarship will not be awarded.

  • full-time undergraduate student enrolled in the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) program
  • commencing third year of full-time study having successfully completed a minimum of 192 units of the degree
  • minimum grade point average (GPA) 5.5
Selection criteria
  • academic merit
  • stated commitment to serve others and make a positive impact in community mental health
  • financial need
Eligible programs
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Number available
1 scholarship awarded every two years


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