Step 5: Collect supporting documents - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Step 5: Collect supporting documents

What is supporting documentation?

Supporting documentation is evidence of your qualifications and proof that you meet your chosen program's entry requirements, for example:

  • An IELTS Test Report Form can be evidence of meeting English language requirements
  • An academic transcript and high school certificate can be proof of meeting academic program admission requirements

You must submit supporting documentation as requested with your application form.

What should I submit with my application?

To help process your application as quickly and efficiently as possible:

1. Ensure all documents are certified copies

This means they are signed and stamped by a witnessing or government authority, or an approved USC Representative if you apply via a representative, stating they are true copies of the originals.

  • The authorised person will sight the original and any photocopies to ensure both are identical;
  • The authorised person will then write on, or stamp the copy stating they are true copies of the originals;
  • The authorised person will also write their name, signature, qualification, date of signing and business stamp.

Important notes:

  • If the document is more than one page, all pages must be certified.
  • Certified copies must include original signatures and stamps. Faxed, scanned or emailed copies are not acceptable.
  • Include official translations of any papers that are not in English, as well as the original language documents. Translations must be made by a recognised translation service or government authority and include their official seal or stamp.
2. Provide certified copies of every qualification or program of study you have taken 
Include certified copies of:

  • your official statement of final results (official academic transcript) in all subjects attempted (examination slips or term report cards are not acceptable), and
  • if you have completed the program include your graduation/award certificate
3. Provide information if you are applying for credit transfer in recognition of prior studies

Include the following information from an official source, such as a university handbook or guide:

  • descriptions of each subject/course you have successfully completed
  • information about the program studied, for example, the number of courses or credit points normally required to complete the award, unit value of the courses, level of the courses (introductory or advanced) and number of hours contact/instruction undertaken
  • the number of years/semesters normally needed to complete the award
  • the name of the award issued on completion/graduation
4. Provide evidence of English language proficiency

If your first language is not English provide evidence of English language proficiency for example:

  • an original official IELTS, TOEFL or other recognised test result certificate or official online results verification notice, or
  • a letter from your school or institution confirming that all classes were conducted and examined in English, plus evidence that you successfully completed your studies in the last five years

If English test results are not available at the time of application, please write on your application form when English test results will be available and send them as soon as possible. There are a number of ways you may meet our English language requirements.

5. Include a copy of the photo page of your current passport. 

Provide a copy of the photo/details page of your current passport.

6. Include any other documentation as requested on the application form.