Review your remaining courses - New students - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Review your remaining courses - New students

On your study planner, check that you have included all your courses/units:

  • Completed units + Planned units = Total units for your program.

Use your study planner to guide your enrolment each semester.

Before enrolling each semester, you can confirm that the semester of offer and requisites haven’t changed by searching for the relevant courses on the website and checking these details.

Note: Sometimes program requirements will change over time due to accreditation or other factors. Check the Blackboard Curriculum Changes page each semester, as this will detail any changes to your program. Update your program structure and study planner as you become aware of changes.

Tip: Using your unofficial academic transcript, you can cross the courses off your study planner and your program structure each semester as you successfully complete them. The courses not crossed off are the courses you have remaining.