LAW416 International Commercial Disputes - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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LAW416 International Commercial Disputes

This course analyses fundamental concepts in international commercial dispute resolution, key sources of international commercial law, and interactions with domestic legal systems. To this end, you will apply knowledge of international disputes procedures and practice to practical international legal problems, and explore the role and mechanisms by which to secure a binding decision. The primary focus of this course is thus on international commercial litigation and arbitration, and the attendant practical complexities required to effectively resolve international commercial disputes, litigation and arbitrations. Additionally, you will consider In 2018, these topics will be: transnational commercial courts, online dispute resolution and how cryptocurrency (smart contracts, arbitration and the blockchain) interfaces with and impacts on international commercial dispute resolution

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LAW102 and LAW104 and LAW204 and enrolled in any Law Program
Semester of offer Subject to change
  • Sunshine Coast: Not Currently Offered
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Band 4B
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1.4B: Accounting, Business, Law, Economics, Management
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