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Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Science

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Where law and science intertwine.

*This program is not currently open for application.

Semester 1, Semester 2
Program length (full-time)
5 years
Annual tuition fee 2021
Estimated total tuition fee *
  • Only a full-time option is available to international students on a Student visa. Online programs are not available to Student visa holders.
  • * Estimated tuition fees are based on 2021 rates. Refer to international fees for more information.
  • Not all majors/minors and elective options are available at every campus. You should refer to the What Can I Study tab, and the proposed study sequence for your chosen campus and intake for further information.
  • ^It is recommended that students planning to study part-time apply for the Bachelor of Laws rather than a double degree.
Minimum selection threshold
ATAR - 75.70 Rank - 77
USC program code
Semester 1, Semester 2
5 years full time or equivalent part time ^
Study mode
Blended Learning
English (Units 3 and 4, C)
Recommended prior study
Maths Methods or Specialist Maths; at least one science subject (preferably Chemistry)
Total courses
Total units
  • ^It is recommended that students planning to study part-time apply for the Bachelor of Laws rather than a double degree.

Combine law with science in this double degree, making yourself valuable to legal teams when it comes to cases that involve scientific evidence such as crime scenes or patent issues. This diverse double degree is designed to nurture your problem-solving and analytical skills and rewards attention to detail. You’ll spend plenty of time in the laboratory as part of the science degree, with the rest of the time spent learning from qualified lawyers working in the legal field. Law Honours is available, usually without extending the time required to complete your degree

In this program you will:

  • Research answers to legal problems, prepare advice, present legal argument, observe court proceedings, and take part in simulated court presentations in our new Moot Court venue
  • Develop your skills by working with legal service clients under legal supervision in law practice
  • Major in a science area such as biology, biotechnology, chemistry, ecology or mathematics
  • Work in laboratories to run tests and conduct experiments


Science majors: Biology; Biotechnology; Chemistry; Ecology; Mathematics.

Career opportunities

This double degree program develops skills applicable to many areas of employment including as a solicitor, barrister, patent attorney, government legal officer, scientist or others depending on the science major studied.


The degree is an approved academic qualification for admission to the legal profession. Graduates must undertake a further period of practical legal training before being admitted as a legal practitioner.

Program structure

Law courses
Introductory courses (4) 48 units

LAW101 Foundations of Australian Law A
LAW102 Foundations of Australian Law B
LAW103 Criminal Law and Procedure A
LAW104 Criminal Law and Procedure B

Developing and Graduate courses (21) 252 units

14 required courses (168 units):

LAW201 Torts A
LAW202 Torts B
LAW203 Contracts A
LAW204 Contracts B
LAW205 Property A
LAW206 Property B
LAW301 Constitutional Law
LAW302 Equity & Trusts
LAW303 Corporations Law
LAW304 Civil Procedure
LAW401 Administrative Law
LAW402 Professional Conduct
LAW403 Evidence
LAW404 Regulation

PLUS select  7 LAW elective courses (84 units) from:

Not all electives are offered every year. For a list of current Law elective courses click HERE.

LAW307 Commercial Law
LAW310 Children & the Law
LAW311 Law Professional Practice
LAW312 Competition and Consumer Law
LAW318 Advocacy
LAW405 Legal Dispute Resolution
LAW407 Elder Law and Succession
LAW408 Intellectual Property
LAW410 Public International Law
LAW412 International Human Rights Law
LAW414 Legal Internship
LAW415 Sports Law
LAW417 Employment Law
LAW418 Health Law
LAW419 Family Law

The following 2 elective courses (24 units) are only available to students who have been accepted into Honours in Law:
LAW440 Honours Research Methods, Design and Confirmation
LAW441 Law Honours Thesis

Science courses
Introductory courses (5) 60 units

LFS100 Cell Biology
SCI102 Biodiversity and Ecology
SCI105 Introductory Chemistry
SCI110 Science Research Methods
SCI113 Discovering Science

Developing and Graduate courses (2) 24 units

Select 1 course from:
SCI202 Advanced Research Methods and Statistics
ANM203 Statistics with Teeth: Understanding Ecological Data

PLUS select 1 course from:
ENS330 K'gari-Fraser Island Field Studies
ENS333 Special Field Studies Topic
SRP301 Special Research Project
SCI302 Analytical Sciences
WPL310 Workplace Learning I

Major courses (8) 96 units

Note: Program structures are subject to change. Not all USC courses are available on every USC campus.

Total units: 480
Program requirements

In order to graduate you must:

  • Successfully complete 480 units as outlined in the Program Structure
  • Complete no more than 16 introductory level (100 coded) courses (192 units) in total, including the core course
  • For students wishing to complete Honours in Law, they must complete a minimum of 2 Law elective courses (24 units) at a 400 coded level
Program notes
  • Completing this program within the specified (full-time) duration is based on studying 48 unit points per semester (normally 4 courses) and following the recommended study sequence
  • The unit value of all courses is 12 units unless otherwise specified
  • It is each students responsibility to enrol correctly according to your course requisites, program rules and requirements and be aware of the academic calendar dates
  • Courses within this program are assessed using a variety of assessment methods which may include essays, seminar presentations, reports, in-class tests and examinations
  • As part of your USC program, you may apply to Study Overseas to undertake courses with an overseas higher education provider
  • Semester offerings for Law elective courses are subject to change and are dependent on student demand. For more information on elective availability please contact your Program Coordinator
  • Honours in Law available for high performing students
  • Refer to the Managing your progression page for help in understanding your program structure, reviewing your progress and planning remaining courses.

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