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Professor Mary Katsikitis


Professor and Discipline Leader, Psychology

PhD Adel., BA(Hons) Adel.

+61 7 5456 5034
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Professor Mary Katsikitis
Administration Officer (Psychology)


Professor Mary Katsikitis is the Foundation Professor of Psychology and Discipline Leader at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She has spent many years in a clinical / health environment during her appointment with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Adelaide.

Mary was also Manager for Science and Education at the Australian Psychological Society (APS) managing accreditation and professional development processes for the members.

Mary is a previous member of the Australian Psychology Accreditation Board (APAC), the national accrediting body for psychology programs in Australia. She is also a member of the Accreditation Assessment Committee (AAC) for the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.

Mary holds the position of National Course Approvals Chair for the APS College of Clinical Psychologists and is a member of the Program Development and Accreditation Committee (PDAC) for the APS.

Mary is currently the Consortium Lead for USC on 2 recent successful grant funded projects involving FASD diagnosis, assessment and training.

Mary's other grant funding success has allowed her to focus on using web-based media to deliver positive interventions, and measuring their effect on adolescent and adult mental health.


  • Vice Chancellor and Presidents Award for Excellence, 2018: University of the Sunshine Coast
  • USC Advance Awards, 2016: AQT award for Advancing Quality Teaching. Awarded for teaching staff and teaching teams who engage students in a quality learning experience by applying rich and engaging teaching approaches that substantially improve students' learning experiences. Awarded to Dr Kate Mulgrew as the team leader and the PSY102 teaching team (including Mary Katsikitis)


Mary's selected research publications:
  • Kell, G., Rao, A., & Katsikitis, M. (2019). A randomised placebo controlled clinical trial on the efficacy of Caralluma fimbriata supplement for reducing anxiety and stress in healthy adults over eight weeks. Journal of Affective Disorders, 246, 619-626.
  • Sliwinski, J., Katsikitis, M., & Jones, C. M. (2018). Designing and Evaluating Games for Mindfulness. Computers in Entertainment (CIE), 16, 1-15.
  • Sliwinski, K., Katsikitis, M., & Jones, C.M. (2018). Design and Evaluation of the Interactive Mindfulness Program and Virtual Evaluation (IMProVE) Game. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, accepted for publication September, 2018.
  • Lumley, M., Katsikitis, M., & Statham, D. (2018). Depression, anxiety and acculturative stress among resettled Bhutanese refugees in Australia. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 49, 1269-1282.
  • Mason, J., Crowson, K., Katsikitis, M., & Moodie, M. (2018). The National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia. Tizard Learning Disability Review, 23, 139-146.
  • Campbell, B., Curran, M., Kannis-Dymand, L., Inkpen, R., & Katsikitis, M. (2018). A preliminary evaluation of metacognitive beliefs in high functioning children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Advances in Autism, 4, 73-84.
  • Doak, J., & Katsikitis, M. (2018). Terrorism catastrophisation: An investigation of predicting and moderating factors. Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology, 2, 1-12.
  • Sliwinski, J., Katsikitis, M., & Jones, C.M. (2017). A review of interactive technologies as support tools for the cultivation of mindfulness. Mindfulness, 5, pp.1150-1159.
  • Allen, A., Kannis-Dymand, L., & Katsikitis, M. (2017). Problematic internet pornography use: The role of craving, desire thinking, and metacognition. Addictive Behaviours, 70, 65
  • Katsikitis, M., Lane, B., Ozols, I., & Statham, D (2017). Consumer perspectives in the development of a mental health research, treatment, and teaching facility: A thematic analysis. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 24, pp.534-544.

Recent research funding

Project name Funding body

Improving wellbeing outcomes for children diagnosed with FASD and their families: Expanding existing services through enhancement of referral pathways, diagnostic capacity and provision of evidence-based models

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Diagnostic Services and Models of Care Grant

Expansion of FASD services in Queensland: Establishing diagnostic services in remote communities

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Diagnostic Services and Models of Care Grant

The Memory Keeper — A digital therapeutic approach to the treatment of Alzheimer's disease     Wicking Trust and Mason Foundation
Professional Development in Nursing: Current awareness, practice and future directions Sunshine Coast Health Foundation
Knowing You, Knowing Me: A mother-daughter communication strategy

Separate grant funding from

(1) Queensland Health (DRUG ARM)
(2) auDA Foundation
(3) DrinkSafe

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