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Associate Professor Brent Moyle


Associate Dean (Research), USC Business School Associate and Professor in Tourism

PhD(Tourism) Monash, BBusCom(Hons) Monash

+61 7 5456 5135
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Associate Professor Brent Moyle


Associate Professor Brent D. Moyle holds a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons), majoring in Tourism Management and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), all completed at Monash University, Australia. Upon finishing his PhD Brent received a competitive and esteemed Vice Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Southern Cross University (SCU), Australia (2011-2014). During this appointment Brent worked on an Australian Council Linkage Project titled: ‘Promoting and Managing National Parks into the 21st Century.’ Following the completion of this project he was employed as a Senior Research Fellow at the Griffith Institute for Tourism (2014-2018), engaging in numerous externally funded research and consultancy projects. Brent recently commenced as an Associate Professor of Tourism at the University of the Sunshine Coast, during which he will be leading an Advance Queensland Fellowship titled ‘Stimulating Regional Tourism though the Virtual Reconstruction of Queensland’s WWII Heritage.’

Associate Professor Moyle’s interdisciplinary approach has resulted in extensive experience publishing, with research outcomes published in over 50 internationally recognized top tier journals including Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Management and the Journal of Travel Research. Brent takes pride in conducting research at the interface between theory and practice, engaging extensively with industry partners to complete research with impact. His passion for sustainable regional economic development lay the stepping stones for a long term collaboration with Murweh Shire Council in outback Queensland, leading to the construction of a virtual rocket at the Charleville Cosmos Centre, with future collaboration planned through the Advance Queensland Fellowship. Brent has supervised 4 PhD students to completion and currently supervises an additional 5 students at different stages of the process. He is always interested to hear from students, scholars, industry and government with mutual interests.

You can also visit Brent at:

Selected research publications

  • Moyle, C., Moyle, B. D., Chai, A., Hales, R., Banhalmi-Zakar, Z. & Bec, A. (In Press). Have Australia’s tourism strategies incorporated climate change? Journal of Sustainable Tourism (A*), 1-19
  • Moyle, B. D., Scherrer, P., Weiler, B., Wilson, E., Caldicott, R. & Nielsen, N. (2017). Assessing preferences of potential visitors for nature-based experiences in protected areas, Tourism Management, 62, 29-41
  • Weiler, B., Moyle, B. D., Wolf, I., DeBie, K., & Torland, M. (2016). Assessing the Efficacy of Communication Interventions for Shifting Public Perceptions of Park Benefits, Journal of Travel Research, 56(4), 468-481
  • Ruhanen, L., Weiler, B., Moyle, B. D., & McLennan, C. (2015). Trends and Patterns in Sustainable Tourism Research: A 25-Year Bibliometric Analysis, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 23(4), 517-535
  • Moyle, B. D, McLennan, C., Ruhanen, L. & Weiler, B. (2014). Tracking the Concept of Sustainability in Australian Tourism Policy and Planning Documents, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 22(7), 1037-1051
  • Moyle, B. D., Weiler, B. & Croy W. G. (2013). Visitors’ Perceptions of Tourism Impacts on Bruny and Magnetic Islands, Australia, Journal of Travel Research 52(3), 392-406.

Awards / Fellowships

  • Advance Queensland Fellowship (2017-2020), ‘Stimulating Regional Tourism through the Virtual Reconstruction of Queensland’s WWII Heritage’, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Queensland Government, Australia – mentor Professor David Weaver
  • Visiting Scholar, Central South University of Forestry Technology, Changsha, China (2017)
  • Invited Board Member for Charleville World War II and Aviation Museum – Foundation Committee (2016 - present)
  • Completion of High End Foreign Expert Program, Hunan Normal University, China (2015)
  • Vice Chancellors Award for Excellence in Community Engagement (Team Member), Southern Cross University (2015)
  • Advisory Committee for South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (2015)
  • Award for Excellence in Community Engagement (Team Member), Southern Cross University (2014)
  • Visiting Scholar, California Polytechnic State University (2013)
  • Best Publication Early Career Researcher Award, Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies (2013)
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Joensuu, Eastern Finland (2012)
  • Vice Chancellors Postdoctoral Fellowship, Southern Cross University (2011)
  • Deans Award, Faculty of Business and Economics PhD Competition, Monash University (2009)
  • Best Conference Paper, Parks Victoria Visitor Research Conference (2007)
  • PhD Scholarship, Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (2006)
  • Student Park Management Research Award, Parks Victoria (2006)
  • Top Student in MGW 2501 Entrepreneurship and Attractions Management, Monash University (2004)

Potential research projects for HDR students

  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Visitor Experience Design and Evaluation
  • Regional Tourism Development
  • Virtual Tourism
  • Sport Tourism
  • Cruise Tourism
  • Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Research grants

Grant / Project name Investigators Funding body  Year(s) Focus
Stimulating Regional Tourism through the Virtual Reconstruction of Queensland’s WWII Heritage   A/ Professor Brent D. Moyle  Advance Queensland, Department of Innovation Tourism, Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games (A$706,334)  2017-2020  Focus is to create windows into the past through the design and construction of virtual tourism experiences to bring a top secret US Air base back to life – providing an opportunity not only to preserve heritage, but to provide a memorable experience for visitors.
Transitioning Regional Queensland via Sustainable Tourism  Dr Brent D Moyle  Local Government Association of Queensland (A$26,000)  2017  To assist local governments to ensure the building our regions applications were submitted on time. My team was involved in 22 applications with a 73% success rate, higher than any other team assisting with the scheme.
Tracking Commonwealth Games Engagement in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities  Dr Cathy Xin,
Dr Ying Wang,
Dr Brent D. Moyle 
Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management, Griffith Business School (A$11,735)  2017  To explore engagement in the Commonwealth Games by residents from communities who are not participating in the games 
Revitalising the Charleville Cosmos Centre 

Dr Brent D. Moyle,
Dr Char-lee Moyle,
Dr Alexandra Bec, Professor Noel Scott

Murweh Shire Council (A$30,000)   To develop a strategic directions paper designed to inform the revitalisation of the Charleville Cosmos Centre, a vital local government asset.
Daisy Hill Koala Centre: Draft Directions Paper. Dr Brent D. Moyle  Earthcheck (A$7,500)  2016  To develop a strategic directions paper for the Daisy Hill Koala Centre redevelopment  
Getting to the Heart of the Great Barrier Reef: Can Virtual Reality Deliver Emotionally Arousing Nature Based Tourism Experiences?  Dr Brent D. Moyle,
Professor Luke Haseler,
A/Professor Jason Peart 
Interdisciplinary Seed Funding – partnership between Griffith Institute for Tourism and Heart Foundation Research Centre (A$22,500)  2016  To examine the efficacy of virtual reality for eliciting emotion to tourism experiences and for transferal into a hospital setting, especially patients in palliative care
World Heritage and Sustainable National Park Development  Professor Susanne Becken,
Professor Jnne Libburd,
Dr Brent D. Moyle 
Griffith University/University of Southern Denmark Collaborative Travel Grants (A$9,500)  2015  To compare the lessons learnt from the Wadden Sea World Heritage area with those at the Great Barrier Reef, with an explicit focus on sustainable tourism development  
Is the Management of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef an Emotive Issue for International Visitors?  Dr Brent D. Moyle  Griffith Business School New Researcher Grant Scheme (A$8,000)  2015  To assess the emotions experiences by international visitors when they visitor an iconic world heritage area under threat.
Estimating Gold Coast Tourism Business Marketing Expenditure  Dr Char-lee McLennan,
Dr Brent D. Moyle 
Gold Coast Tourism (A$7,040)  2015  To estimate how much Gold Coast businesses, spend on tourism advertising and to explore if a collaborative system could reduce business costs.
An antidote to Dutch disease: Mining and tourism, can they co-exist?  Dr Char-lee McLennan, Professor Susanne Becken, Dr Brent D. Moyle  Griffith Business School (A$7,500)  2015  To examine the complex relationship between tourism and mining in regional Australia, with an explicit focus 
Tracking the Catalysts of Personal Transformation through Leisure  Dr Brent D. Moyle,
Dr Matthew Lamont,
Dr Millicent Kennelly 
Collaborative Research Network, Southern Cross University (A$1,000)  2014  To explore how amateur athletes are transformed through participation in the sport of Ironman triathlon  
Assessing visitors preferences for alternative experiences to summitting Wollumbin (Mt Warning)  Dr Pascal Scherrer,
Dr Brent D. Moyle,
Professor Betty Weiler 
Office of Environment and Heritage (A$33,000)  2014  To explore how to reduce the number of visitors to the peak of a crowded tourist attraction and to assess preferences for alternative experiences that still allowed visitors to engage with the peak without necessarily summiting.
Testing and Shifting the Market Position Occupied by New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service  Dr Brent D. Moyle,
Professor Betty Weiler 
Office of Environment and Heritage (A$30,000) 


To explore how interventions could be used to manipulate community perceptions of the benefits of parks to align with the desired strategic direction of the park management authority  
Transforming Australian Tourism Towards Sustainable Pathways  Dr Lisa Ruhanen,
Professor Betty Weiler,
Dr Brent Moyle,
Dr Char-lee McLennan 
Australian Research Council Discovery Pilot Grant, School of Tourism, University of Queensland (A$25,000)  2012-2013  To explore how the concept of sustainable tourism has evolved since the introduction of the concept  
Building and Sustaining Relevance: Exploring the Changing Role of Parks in 21st Century Society   Dr Brent D. Moyle  Centre for Tourism Leisure and Work, Australia ($45,000)  2011  To identify how parks agencies can foster and build community support in times of economic austerity.
Sustainable Tourism Development in the Australian Tourism Industry  Dr Brent D. Moyle  School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Start Up Grant, Southern Cross University (A$10,000)  2011  To develop a state of the art report to highlight future tourism challenges for the Australian tourism sector  
Promoting and Managing National Parks into the 21st Century (2011 – 2014)  Prof Sue Moyle,
Prof Betty Weiler,
Dr Brent D. Moyle 
Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (A$523,000)  2011-2014  To measure and monitor community perceptions of the benefits of parks across three Australian states 
The Legacy of the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre  Miss Char-lee McLennan,
Dr Brent D. Moyle 
Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre  2010  To provide a series of lessons learnt for future tourism cooperative research centres 
Host Guest Interaction on Australian Islands   Mr Brent D. Moyle  Sustainable Tourism Co-operative Research Centre  2006-2009  Monitoring the impacts of tourism of tourism on two Australian islands  
Visitor Satisfaction in Natural and Protected Areas  Mr Brent D. Moyle  Parks Victoria (A$1,000)  2006  Monitoring the impact of crowding and hiking on visitor satisfaction in natural and protected areas 
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