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USC Strength and Conditioning Service

Located at USC Sunshine Coast, the USC Strength and Conditioning Service enables athletes access to the knowledge, expertise and support of sport and exercise scientists. This specialised service provides strength and conditioning services for elite, semi-elite, amateur and developing athletes from various sporting disciplines.


Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning describes the process of strengthening an athlete’s body to improve specific aspects of their sport and reduce the likelihood of injury, whilst conditioning prepares their body to cope with the specific movements, agility, endurance and speed associated with their sport.

Strength and conditioning sessions offered includes an assessment of balance, strength, flexibility and other sport specific attributes as required, as well as a 3-month membership at USC Gym. Individualised one-on-one strength and conditioning exercise programs are then prescribed to address any issues identified, with the aim of improving athletic performance and reducing the likelihood of injury.

Athlete Periodisation and Programming

Athlete programming & periodisation is a service designed to cater for athletes that do not require one-on-one training. This service includes injury prevention testing and 3 months of periodised strength & conditioning programming. Whilst athletes undertaking this service train self-directed, they still get constant ongoing support from USC Sport, and can regularly meet with their strength and conditioning coach to discuss their programming.

Injury Prevention Testing

Injury prevention testing involves an athlete undertaking comprehensive testing designated to assess their lower-body flexibility, balance, core control and stability. The results from these tests can identify which athletes are at increased risk of sustaining an injury and which athletes have not sufficiently recovered from a previous injury. Ultimately these results provide a basis for an injury prevention exercise program to be implemented (included in package) and assist coaching staff in determining the suitability of an athlete returning to game play.

Strength and Conditioning (13 sessions): Individuals $650*
Strength and Conditioning (26 sessions): Individuals $1200​*
Periodisation and programming: $150
Injury prevention testing: Individuals FREE with a consultation

*3 month expiry from date of purchase


Kris Thiesfield

With over 10 years experience, Kris has delivered and programmed for a range of international, national and state level junior and senior athletes. Kris specialises in strength and power based training and combines his industry expertise with a range of qualifications, listed below.

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach – Level 2; PCAS-P (ASCA) 
  • Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach – Level 1 (AWF)
  • Club Powerlifting Coach – Level 1
Graeme Rousseau

With nearly a decade of Olympic weightlifting experience and competition, Graeme understands the complexity and progression of human movement when developing exercise programs for athletes. Graeme's specialises in court sports and strength and power training.

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science 
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach - Level 2; PCAS-P (ASCA) 
  • Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach - Level 1 (AWF)
Adam Robertshaw

A former semi-professional athlete, Adam provides tailored strength and conditioning programming based on his industry experience and athletic experience. Currently working with internationally profiled athletes, Adam specialises in strength and power development and athletic assessment.

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach – Level 2; PCAS-P (ASCA) 
Trent Hayden

Specialising in combat sports, Trent utilises his background as an internationally ranked martial artist to provide physical development and tailored programming to achieve athletic development. Trent focuses on functional movement and developmental athletes.

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach – Level 2; PCAS-A (ASCA) 

More information

For further information on bookings, pricing, and services, contact USC Gym at or Tel: +61 7 5459 4770.

Alex Welsh
Alex Welsh

USC Sport has made a really positive impact on my training, as well as exercises to help with everyday life in a wheelchair
Patrick Swindles
Patrick Swindles

Since training with Adam at USC not only myself, but also some of my sponsors, have noticed how much my control and strength on the bike has improved
Nathan Maxwell

Adam not only helps me become a stronger athlete, he listens and explains why and how to best achieve my goals, whilst remaining injury-free.