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Our membership

The SVRPU connects national and international researchers who are committed to establishing knowledge and evidence to understand, prevent and respond to sexual violence and abuse.

Current membership

Adjunct Members

honorary Members

  • Professor Nick Tilley, Principal Research Associate, Jill Dando Institute, Department of Security and Crime Science, University College London. Email: ntilley@ucl.ac.uk
  • Professor Richard Wortley, Head, Department of Security & Crime Science, Director, Jill Dando Institute of Security & Crime Science, University College London. Email: r.wortley@ucl.ac.uk

professional Members

Student Members

As a group, we value respect, integrity, innovation, diversity and perseverance. If this is a team you would like to join as a staff member, external academic, government or non-government professional, student, volunteer or visitor then we are interested in hearing from you.

Become a member

To become an affiliated member of the SVRPU, complete the membership application form on this page.

Adjunct Members: Adjunct members include USC academic staff, directly contributing to the unit's research performance, and external national or international academics, working in this field in collaboration with USC to advance the SVRPU research agenda.

Professional Members: Professional members currently working in relevant industry positions.

Student Members: Students undertaking Honours or Higher Degree Research studies with the SVRPU, and/or working in a paid research capacity with the SVRPU


Depending on the membership, some benefits may include:

  • Formal association with a reputable sexual violence research and prevention unit
  • Receiving, and contributing to, tri-annual newsletters
  • Discounted rates for SVRPU-led events
  • Involvement in future strategic planning days to contribute to future directions of the Unit
  • Building research practice and professional networks
  • Research collaborations (funded and unfunded projects and publications)
  • Learning about current research and practice in this field
  • Contributing professional expertise to relevant research


Depending on the membership, contributions may include:

  • Co-authorship on publications
  • Secondary attributions to the SVRPU on relevant publications
  • Externally-funded  (and non-funded) research partnerships
  • Contributions to the tri-annual newsletters
  • Supervision or Co-supervision of HDR students
  • Collaboration on SVRPU research projects
  • Contributing to and/or presenting at SVRPU and/or student-led events
  • Contributing resources to the SVRPU website
  • External supervision of HDR students
  • Guest lectures

SVRPU Membership application

All membership applications will be considered at our monthly leadership meeting.