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Nutrition and Dietetics research

Research areas

Dietary needs and body composition

Dietary needs and body composition research is focused on a variety of areas with an emphasis on measuring and determining change in physique related to sport and exercise nutrition interventions, injury or life stage, as well as best practice in physique and metabolic assessment.

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Eating behaviours and dietary intake

Eating behaviours and dietary intake research is focused on nutrient profiling and food labelling, best practice in dietary assessment, influences on food choice and eating behaviours, and food supply sustainability.

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Nutrition education and practice

Nutrition education and practice research is focused on the use of new technologies as an educational tool, the placement experience of our students, the current practice of Australian dietitians, and the training of other professionals.

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Food provision and nutrition support at major athletic competition

Over the past thirty years there has been an increasing emphasis on the suitability of the food provided for athletes at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. This has mimicked the increase in understanding of the role of nutrition in sports performance.

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Research partners

Our discipline fosters a collaborative research environment from across undergraduate students through to academics. We have a number of local, national and international collaborative partners including:

  • Queensland Health

  • The Australian Institute of Sport

  • Sports Dietitians Australian

  • Professionals in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise (PINES)

  • The Queensland Academy of Sport

  • Sunshine Coast Council

  • SEED International