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Stevens, N. J., Tavares, S. G., & Salmon, P. M. (2021). The adaptive capacity of public space under COVID‐19: Exploring urban design interventions through a sociotechnical systems approach. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries, 31, 333–348.

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Tavares, S. G., & Stevens, N. J. (2020). A Intergração de Valores e Medidas de Segurança no Projeto de Espaços Públicos Resilientes: Lições de Desasters Rápidos e Lentos. Projectare, 10, 158–183.

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Tavares, S. G. (2020). Espaces Publics Sensibles au Climat sous les Tropiques: Une Approche Urbaine Bioclimatique / Climate Responsive Public Spaces in the Tropics: A Bioclimatic Design Approach. In P. Rosier & M. Watin (Eds.), Architecture in Millieu Tropical: Construire le Paysage, entre Pratique et Recherche (pp. 142–167).

Stevens, N., Youssef, M., & Salmon, P. (2019). New Ways to Model Cities as Complex Systems. In Proceedings of the 9th State of Australian Cities National Conference (pp. 1-16). University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

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2021 Planning Institute of Australia (Queensland), Award for Excellence, Tertiary Student Project: Ryan McNeilly-Smith; Honours Project: Extreme heat and urban design: How can Urban Design policy play a greater role in mitigating heat-health risks?