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Help the detection dog team support animal welfare.

Australia's wildlife faces enormous challenges - especially when it comes to habitat loss. Your support will help ensure its survival.

  • $15
    can supply one of our detection dogs with their high-nutrition diets for a day
  • $20
    can go towards covering the cost of vet bills, ensuring our dogs remain in top health 
  • $50
    can buy a bed for one of our detection dogs, ensuring they receive the rest needed to perform well in the field
  • $100
    can pay for speciality booties to protect our detection dogs from injuring their paws on spikes, cacti or other hazards
  • $1,000
    can go towards specialised GPS collar equipment for the detection dogs, so we can collect data about areas we search
  • $1,500
    can allow two humans and a detection dog to spend a day in the field helping protect Australia's threatened wildlife

Support Detection Dogs for Conservation

For more information on donating contact Kate Evans, Senior Development Manager, USC Development Office

Tel: +61 5456 5136 or email:

Thanks to all our supporters