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USC’s Animal Research Centre brings together academics and graduate student with a passion to understand what determines the health of animals, what forces shaped their evolution, how their actions and behaviours create key functions in ecosystems, and how best to conserve the amazing diversity of animal forms and their habitats.

Our activities result in new basic scientific knowledge across these domains as well as solutions to animal health, ecology and conservation problems - good and novel scientific research needs both fundamental and applied dimensions and our obligations to society reflect this duality clearly and consistently.

Our members work on a great variety of animals, wild, domesticated, swimming in the ocean, crawling on the land and flying in the sky. With respect to animal coverage in our research we are a veritable Noah’s ark: koalas; cats, corals; crows; estuarine rays; frogs; Galapagos finches; ghost crabs; horses; lice; lizards; manta rays; oyster catchers; oysters; parasites; piping plovers; puffer fish; red foxes; sharks; sheep; turtles; white-bellied sea eagles.

The diversity of animals is reflected in the diversity of habitats: we work in both ‘wet’ settings (sandy beaches, estuaries, coral reefs, surf zones, deep sea canyons, seamounts, seagrass beds, rocky reefs, etc.) and in drier domains (dunes, forests, deserts, Pacific islands). In the ‘safety’ of the laboratory, our researchers work with samples from animals to study the molecular basis of animal biology as well as their parasites and microorganisms that cause animal health and conservation issues.

Since no man is an island (notwithstanding a good deal of our work being done on islands) we nourish and build collaborations with partners from leading Universities internationally (e.g. University of Zurich, Cambridge University, UNC – Chapel Hill) and with industry and government from local to national levels.

At the very core of our centre are our graduate students and early career researchers. In fact, a key function of the centre is to create and nurture a culturally rich and inspiring environment where careers can begin and flourish – this commitment to the ‘early phase’ of academic training and careers shall be a continual key feature of all we do.

Above all, our centre is to be USC’s premier platform for research on all facets of animals: today and into the future.

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