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Journeys to USC

Discover your future path

Not everyone takes the same path to university.

Whether you're coming to uni straight from school, want to change careers, or are still discovering your passion, we can help you get there.

USC students come from a wide range of backgrounds but all share the same goals: to discover their future path, to become the best they can be, and to make their mark on the world. Here are some of their stories.

Dave – Environmental Science
Dave deferred and took a gap year (or two) before choosing a degree that let him follow his love of the great outdoors.
Alex – Criminology and Justice
Alex was sure she wanted to be a primary school teacher – until she wasn't. After trying at least three USC degrees, she's finally found her passion.
USC Creative Writing graduate Tash Turgoose
Tash – Creative Writing
Tash left her journalism degree after a year to launch her own national magazine. Now she's a USC Creative Writing graduate – as well as a published author and illustrator.
Keiran – Biomedical Science
Keiran left school at the end of Year 11 to pursue an apprenticeship. A decade later, USC's Tertiary Preparation Pathway has helped him realise his dream of becoming a doctor.
Jenna – Nutrition and Dietetics
Jenna had never considered university, so she didn't complete Year 11 or 12. Travelling around Australia helped her discover her passion for dietetics and community health.
Brendon – Sport and Exercise Science

Brendon tried an apprenticeship, enrolled in another degree, worked as a personal trainer and even applied to be a police officer before he found his passion for health and exercise science.

Pathways to study

There is more than one way to become a student at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

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Nathan – Biomedical Science

After a few failed attempts, Nathan wasn't sure he was cut out for university – until a chance invitation to a friend's graduation inspired him to try again.

Lachlan – Paramedic Science

Lachlan wanted to be a farmer until work experience in Year 12 inspired him to study healthcare. He was told he wouldn't make it at uni – but now he's on his way to qualifying as a paramedic.

Mitch – Urban Design and Town Planning

Mitch used the Headstart program to study at USC in Year 11 – which is how he found out he didn't want to be an engineer.

Vanessa – Psychology

Makeup artist and former photography studio manager Vanessa loved people and business – which inspired her to study organisational psychology.

Mathew – Primary Education

Mathew's journey to USC has taken him from a peace-keeping mission in the Solomon Islands to the primary school classroom.