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School of Social Sciences staff


Head of School

Deputy Head of School

  • Dr Marcus Bussey: Deputy Head of School, School of Social Sciences, Senior Lecturer, History and Futures

Academic staff

Discipline of Psychology

Professional staff


  • Dr Zazie Bowen, Adjunct Fellow in Children's Anthropology
  • Dr Helen Cleak, Industry Fellow
  • Dr Charmaine Daly, Industry Fellow
  • Dr Ines Dunstan, Adjunct Fellow in History
  • Dr Carol Farbotko, Adjunct Fellow in Geography
  • Dr Duane Hamacher, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in Geography and Indigenous Studies
  • Dr Jeanne Hoffman, Adjunct Fellow in Futures/Futures Studies
  • Mr David Hollinsworth, Adjunct Professor
  • Dr Sohail Inayatullah, Adjunct Professor
  • Dr John Janzekovic, Adjunct Associate Professor 
  • Mr Leo Jensen, Industry Fellow
  • Ms Debra Johnson, Industry Fellow
  • Ms Kate Martin, Industry Fellow
  • Mr Peter Matic, Adjunct Fellow in Politics 
  • Ms Aaron Matson, Industry Fellow
  • Mr Liam Mayo, Industry Fellow
  • Mr Mark McMahon, Industry Fellow
  • Dr Gino Medoro, Industry Fellow
  • Ms Victoria Meyer, Industry Fellow
  • Dr Ann Moir-Bussy, Adjunct Senior Lecturer 
  • Dr Christine Morley, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Mr Garth Nolan, Industry Fellow
  • Prof Denis O'Hara, Adjunct Professor
  • Dr Jose Ramos, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Maureen Rhemann, Research Fellow
  • Dr Machelle Rinaldis, Industry Fellow
  • Ms Joanne Roff, Industry Fellow
  • Ms Shello Robins, Industry Fellow
  • Dr Sonya Stanford, Industry Fellow
  • Mr Matthew Stevenson, Industry Fellow
  • Dr Karen Struthers, Industry Fellow
  • Mr Richard Spence-Thomas, Industry Fellow
  • Mr Steward Pentland, Industry Fellow
  • Ms Victoria Visser, Industry Fellow
  • Dr Bingxin Wang, Adjunct Fellow in Chinese Studies
  • Mr Robert Walton, Industry Fellow
  • Ms Trish Wilson, Industry Fellow
  • Ms Jodi Wolthers, Industry Fellow
  • Prof Geoff Woolcock, Adjunct Professor 
  • Mr Magdy Youssef, Adjunct Fellow 
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