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USC Student Leadership Award

The Award recognises your professional development, co-curricular learning, and community contributions undertaken while you have been studying at USC.

It adds value to your resume and job applications by demonstrating your enhanced employability and leadership skills to future employers.

Students can engage with the program at any stage of their degree, and accumulate points for activities undertaken in the following areas:

  • Voluntary Contributions
  • Professional Development 
  • Learning Enrichment

Activities that do not attract leadership points are paid roles or undertakings that contribute towards an assessment for your degree.

What does it involve?

Students who participate in any of the approved activities will receive leadership points toward the Award. If you fulfil the program requirements, you will receive the USC Student Leadership Award upon graduation.

To be eligible for the USC Student Leadership Award students must:

  • Accrue a minimum of 1,000 points, through co-curricular activities in each category (refer to Leadership Award Points Matrix [PDF 220KB]).
  • Record your activities in StudentHub- most points are automatic, or submit a points claim form.
  • Identify the skills and qualities you are developing by completing in-built self-reflection tasks.
  • Complete a final reflection and exit interview with a careers adviser to articulate your experiences to employers.
  • Complete an academic award at USC (Bachelor, Honours, Masters or HDR).
Why take part in the USC Student Leadership Award?

The award will add value to your job application, provide evidence of your commitment and development of the USC Graduate Attributes and contribute to your employability.

Giving your time to help other students can also give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction and help you to create connections.

Who can register?

All enrolled USC students*. You can register at any stage of your degree- the earlier the better!
* Some restrictions apply for Cross-institutional students.

Important dates

​Final activity submissions, reflections and exit interviews are due by the following dates:

  • 1 February For Semester Two - April graduations
  • 1 July For Semester One - September graduation​
How to register

You will need to login to Student Hub and register for a Students as Partners role.

The roles are:

  • Student Volunteer (you can volunteer at USC or in the community)
  • Student Representative
  • Student Leader, Level 1 (GPA 5.0 or above)
  • Student Leader, Level 2 (GPA 6.0 or above)

You can edit your registration throughout your studies if you would like to apply for a different or additional role.

More information

Contact the Students as Partners Team for more information.

USC Student Leadership Award


"In the process of achieving the Student Leadership Award I further developed my interpersonal communication and confidence when dealing with all levels of university life. I showcased skills through volunteer roles, leading to further opportunities, both paid and unpaid, to unfold."

-Asha, 2020 Award Recipient

"The Student Leadership Award program provided an excellent introduction to the range of activities available for students to participate in. From improving my personal and employability skills, to learning how to support other students, the Award provided the opportunity for me to grow as a person in every area of my study life."

-Michaella, 2020 Award Recipient

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