Students as Partners - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Students as Partners

USC has developed and adopted a multi-campus, institution-wide Students as Partners (SaP) approach to student representation, governance and leadership.

This unique approach provides a wide range of partnership opportunities to:

  • amplify your student voice,
  • improve your student experience,
  • build graduate attributes,
  • develop leadership skills, and
  • enhance employability.

It aims to increase student success and engagement in learning, as well as enable academic and professional staff to design and support engaged student learning.

By engaging with a number of SaP opportunities, you can also accrue points towards the Student Leadership Award.

Student as Partners opportunities

New student at USC Caboolture Orientation
Volunteer at University or local community, social, cultural or sporting events.
Professional Development
Increase your future employability by undertaking extra-curricular training or other work experience.
New student at USC Caboolture Orientation
Learning Enrichment
Take advantage of education opportunities that enhance your academic development.