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USC Ally Network

'Creating safe study and work spaces for LGBTIQ+ students and staff'

All Australian universities have an important role to play in promoting inclusion and tolerance.

USC support diversity in the higher education sector and recognise the rights of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer students and staff to learn, live and work, free of prejudice and discrimination, with all the essential freedoms enjoyed by other members of our university community and the broader population.


USC will not tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Please be aware that codes of conduct for staff and students apply at all times. The Student Charter sets out the expectations the University has of its students and also the obligations of the University to  its students. The Student Expectations and Responsibilities site provides further relevant information for students.

Please make use of our Student Wellbeing Services, Student Guild Advocacy, Security and Safety at any stage if you need support, or advice on reporting or disclosing harassment. If you would like external support and advice you can call Diverse Voices, (peer to peer LGBTIQ telephone and internet counselling service).

Invitation to become a USC Ally

An Ally is an individual who is informed about, empathetic towards and has an understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) issues.

An Ally acknowledges the experiences, upholds and supports the rights of LGBTIQ individuals by raising awareness of diversity in personal identity, gender, and relationship choices.

USC Allies act as a point of contact for staff and students on LGBTIQ issues and can discuss these areas confidently.

Aims of a USC Ally

  • advocate for and support cultural change
  • build and support an advocacy network
  • help create a safe and inclusive educational and work environment through education and develop further awareness and visibility of LGBTIQ staff and students and their issues and
  • call out (where safe to) inappropriate anti-LGBTIQ+ behavior

An Ally is:

  • an open, understanding, non-judgmental and comfortable listener
  • aware of maintaining confidentiality.
  • knowledgeable of the additional support available at USC and in the wider community.
  • NOT necessarily a counsellor, nor necessarily trained to attend to crisis situations, but aware of the referral process.
  • NOT necessarily from the LGBTIQ community.
  • NOT necessarily able to act upon grievance processes associated with bullying, discrimination or harassment. However be aware of the referral process.
  • Committed to promoting USC as a safe, inclusive and diverse university.

USC Ally responsibilities:

  • participate in an interactive training program and commit to ongoing personal education on the experiences of the LGBTIQ+ community
  • publicly identify as an ally by allowing your name and faculty/department to be available or student contact details to be published on the USC ally web page
  • display an ally sign on your office door to affirm your commitment
  • provide a safe place for individuals to access you
  • be open to questions relative to LGBTIQ issues
  • working within and support existing equity policies

Ally Workshops for 2021


USC Allies act as a point of contact for staff and students on LGBTIQ issues and can discuss these areas confidently.

Learn about:

  • LGBTIQ terminology
  • Sexual orientation and Gender identity
  • Myths, values and stereotypes associated with LGBTIQ
  • Different types of discrimination
  • Factors which make it difficult for LGBTIQ students and staff

All Allies will get resource packs so they can clearly display they are allies. Your groups will also be listed as known allies that students can go to.

Students:   Register at Student Hub 

Staff:         Contact 

 For further enquiries email

Want to become a USC Ally?

For more information about the program as well as training events, contact the Diversity Officer at

Resources for allies. (USC staff or student login required.)

Contact a USC Ally

Look for an official ally sign or rainbow flag on an office door or reception counter.

USC ally contacts. (USC staff or student login required.)

Inclusive Language Guide

To access the Inclusive Language Guide: Respecting people of intersex, trans and gender diverse experiences (PDF)

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