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Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander news

Keep updated with the latest Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student news.

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Welcome Day 14 Feb  *   Meet n Greet  *  Study Essentials Workshops

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Welcome Day

Meet fellow students, Indigenous Services Staff, Indigenous Academic Mentors.

Learn about how we can support you throughout your studies and the services you can access.

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Leone Smith
Upcoming Meet and Greet events
2 Sep 2021

Don't miss our Meet and Greet events for new students!

Connection to Country Tours | 29 and 30 September
24 Aug 2021

Indigenous Services welcomes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to join a Connection to Country Tour with Uncle Tais, a Traditional Tribal Owner and a family Elder of the Undumbi people within the Kabi Kabi nation, at important sites on the Sunshine Coast or Moreton Region.

Community information and events
12 Jul 2021

Find out what's happening in your community and learn how you can get involved.

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Nursing and Midwifery student opportunities
26 May 2021

Are you searching for Nursing/Midwifery student opportunities?

Senior Lecturer in Nursing at USC Fraser Coast, Julie Martyn, with Bachelor of Nursing student and Indigenous Health Care worker Melanie Green.
Allied Health students - join Indigenous Allied Health Australia for free!
6 Jan 2021

Indigenous Allied Health Australia Ltd (IAHA) is a peak, national, not-for-profit, member based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health organisation.

New to Indigenous Services?
4 Jan 2021

USC Indigenous Services cater to students across all USC campuses and learning hubs.