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Respect at USC

Respect at USC is an online module designed to create a shared understanding of what it means to be a respectful member of the USC community and contribute to the respectful, safe and inclusive learning and working environment for all students, staff and visitors.

The module is part of USC's ongoing commitment to University Australia's Respect. Now. Always. campaign to promote a diverse and inclusive campus culture.

All new students are required to complete the Respect at USC module in their first teaching period. Completing your modules before classes begin will help set you up for success in your studies so you can apply the learnings throughout the semester. You'll notice a hold on your account in USC Central and you won’t be able to access your final grades or unofficial transcript until you successfully complete the module. Find out more at pre-study modules.

You can access Respect at USC via Blackboard 24 hours after you enrol in your courses. Once the module is successfully completed, you will see an 'achievement certificate' on the landing page and the hold should be automatically removed from your USC Central account within the hour.

In the Respect at USC module, you will learn about:

  • your rights and responsibilities
  • how to identify problem behaviour and misconduct
  • maintaining respectful relationships
  • how to be an active bystander
  • safer alcohol consumption

This module is not graded and you must engage with all the content and complete the embedded quizzes to progress through and successfully complete the module.


Can't access the module?

If you are a new student, your access to the module will be activated within 24 hours after you enrol in your courses.

If you're having trouble accessing the module:

  • Enable pop-ups. Using a pop-blocker will prevent you from accessing the module.
  • Make sure you’re using a laptop or desktop computer (you won’t be able to access the module on a phone or tablet)
  • Try using the Google Chrome browser.
  • If the module freezes, and you're unable to select an option or move on to the next page, email Student Central and provide a brief description of the issue and include a screenshot.

Completed the module but still have a hold on your USC Central account? 

To successfully complete the Respect at USC module, you need to complete the embedded quizzes to progress through to the end.

If you have completed this module but still have a hold on your account, find out what to do.

Still having trouble? 

If you’re still having trouble accessing or completing the module, please contact Student Central. Be sure to provide us with information about the specific issue is and include any screenshots.