Succeed - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Accessibility links


Engage with the Student Success team

The Student Success team can provide timely advice and connect you with a range of support and services. 

Connect with AccessAbility Services

AccessAbility Services can provide access to appropriate reasonable adjustments and practical advice about the support and facilities available to you throughout the University. If your studies are affected by a disability, learning disorder, mental health issue, injury or illness, or you are a primary carer for someone with a disability or who is considered frail and aged, you are strongly encouraged to connect with AccessAbility Services as early as possible. Contact us if you are a prospective or current USC student. 

Manage special circumstances

If special circumstances negatively impact your ability to study you may be eligible to have your financial and/or academic penalty removed. You must apply as soon as you are aware of your circumstances and applications received more than 12 months after any academic penalty is applied may not be considered.

Consider reducing work

Consider reducing your work hours to increase the chances of a better academic outcome. It is essential to be able to balance your study load with your work and other life commitments. Many students realise that they need to reduce their work hours to be able to fit in the time required to manage their study load.

Explore financial support

Explore financial support options which may include applying for a Scholarship or Bursary. Saving, budgeting and being aware of Scholarships/Bursaries, student loan opportunities and government assistance are recommended to help you make ends meet financially.

Connect with other students

Connect with other students to enhance your time at university. Consider joining a student club or society, getting involved with the Student Guild, participating in peer learning activities or playing sport to connect with others.

Contact Student Central for advice

Contact Student Central for advice about all things student-related. Visit Student Central FAQs to search for answers and ask questions.

Seek support from Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing can provide timely assistance with your wellbeing concerns affecting your studies and provide a range of support and services. 

Contact USC Indigenous Services

Contact USC Indigenous Services, if you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student to find out more about the support services available to you.