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Review your course enrolment/study plan

Review your course enrolment/study plan with a Program Adviser at Student Central to make sure you're on track to complete your program.

Review your direction

Many students decide to review their direction after getting started with their studies. Sometimes, this means rethinking your specialisation within your current program, other times it means applying for a change to a different program. Contact Student Central for advice if you want to check your enrolment/Majors/Minors/specialisations or apply for a program change.

Consult with the Career Development Team

Consult with the Career Development Team to help plan and clarify your career direction. They can help with career planning, goal setting, developing options, exploring personality work preferences, job search skills, interview coaching and overcoming career transition issues. Online Career Development resources are available for choosing your career path, developing employability skills and experience, fine-tuning your job search skills and preparing for an interview. Choose a time on Student Hub for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment.

Reduce your study load

Reduce your study load to allow time to concentrate on challenging content, or to better manage health, family or personal responsibilities. It is important to consider how a reduced study load may impact on your study plan, income support eligibility and visa requirements for International students. For advice contact Student Central.

Check the Academic Calendar

Note important dates from the Academic Calendar in case you need to swap, drop or add courses to your enrolment. Doing so before the relevant dates (such as census) will ensure you don’t receive an academic penalty.

Seek support to address fieldwork placement issues

Seek feedback and support to address Work-Integrated learning/fieldwork placement issues. If you experience difficulties with work-integrated learning courses or fieldwork placements, you should contact your Course Coordinator/Supervisor for feedback and support. Student Wellbeing may also be able to provide support if personal, disability or health issues are impacting on your fieldwork/placement.