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Access your course outline

Access your course outline on Canvas and read your course materials carefully, to understand what is expected of you.

Read early and often

A little preparation can help you get a whole lot more from your lectures. Take fifteen minutes to pre-read some of the recommended readings before the lecture.

  • Skim and scan the text and jot down concepts and ideas.
  • Pay extra attention to diagrams and graphs.

Listen actively during lectures
  • Take notes to maximise the time invested and be fully engaged in the process.
  • Associate new ideas and concepts with what you already know and ask questions if there is anything that does not make sense.
  • Use quiet moments to annotate your notes with ‘things to ask about later’ at tutorials.
  • Be tolerant of different delivery styles.
Review your notes

We will forget 40-50% of what we heard in a lecture within 24 hours unless we actively revisit our notes or the lecture recording.

  • Review and summarise your notes.
  • Add to your notes from your text if you missed any points.
  • Identify areas of content that you don't understand and seek help.
Participate in tutorials

Tutorials are the ideal opportunity for you to get involved with your course and with fellow students. Often, a fresh perspective from a fellow student can clarify your understanding of a difficult concept.

  • Prepare by completing the prescribed readings and assigned tasks.
  • Turn up with a positive attitude and listen attentively to what is being said.
  • Show interest in what others have to say and contribute to the discussion.
  • Take notes during your tutorials.
Make the most of the Academic and study support available

Attend Academic Skills Workshops or book a consult with a Learning Adviser during business hours. You can also use Studiosity for free online advice outside of business hours, and participate in peer learning opportunities run by Study Leaders.

Connect with fellow students

Get connected by joining your campus Facebook group, volunteering at university events, becoming involved in sports groups or social activities and more!