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Learning Advisers

How can Learning Advisers help?

Learning Advisers are trained professionals who are ready to help you develop a wide range of academic skills. Learning Advisers can meet with you for a one-on-one or group consultation to:

  • discuss an aspect of your assignment and academic expectations 
  • help you gain study skills and work on your writing skills

They can help you with:

  • task management and analysing assignment questions, 
  • researching, referencing and using relevant supporting evidence,
  • academic integrity,
  • reading, listening and note-taking,
  • academic writing, proofreading and editing strategies,
  • oral presentations,
  • basic computer skills such as formatting and page set-up, and
  • mathematical and statistical concepts (Learning STEM Advisers).
How can I learn online?

The Learning Advisers have put together a How to learn online resource for students. It contains tips on how to get the most out of online tutorials and lectures and advice on how to complete assessments online.

Using a smartphone

Book quick (20 minute) targeted advice from a USC Learning Adviser either via phone or Zoom during business hours.

female student in counselling session
Drop-in sessions

Got a question? Drop-in! Stop by any drop-in session on campus for quick and targeted advice on study strategies and support.

Woman video conferencing a meeting on her laptop

Interactive Zoom sessions designed to help you understand the most common academic skills associated with study at USC.


Live chat with a Studiosity educator or upload your document for additional feedback outside of business hours.