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Check in with your study buddy for R U OK? Day

7 Sep 2021

Thursday 9 September is R U OK? Day, a day that reminds us to check in with those around us and ask them 'are they really OK?'.

We know these conversations can be hard and everyone has their own way of reaching out. So, we asked USC students how they approach these conversations.

As students, you all experience ups and downs throughout the semester and someone you know might be struggling a little more than others. So, if you feel like someone hasn't been themselves lately, trust your gut instinct and start a conversation. Your conversation could change a life.

We'll be sharing resources and reminders via our campus Facebook groups to help you keep the conversation going, so make sure you're following your campus group!

As always, if you need some help and would like to speak with someone please reach out to the Student Wellbeing team.