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Charging your device - USC Sunshine Coast campus

11 Mar 2021

If you need to charge your device while you're on the USC Sunshine Coast campus, there are several options available to you.

  1. Bring your own charger and use one of the many power points available for free throughout the university in the common areas, tutorial rooms and the library. Stay with your device while charging.
  2. Bring your charger, plug it in and lock your device in a locker for free on the first floor of Building C while you continue your day on campus.
  3. Hire a portable battery and charger system with Charge Buddy, located inside the Brasserie and at the entrance on Lecture Theatre 7 (LT7). Continue using your device on the go while recharging. Download the app, scan QR and use as required. An hourly fee applies. Return the battery to the hub within the first two minutes if it does not have a valid input or fails to charge your device - you will not be charged a fee for use. Visit the Charge Buddy website for more details.

If you try the new Charge Buddy vending system, your feedback is welcome for consideration of future installation at other campuses.

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