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See something, say something

5 Aug 2021

As positive conversations around supporting each other and calling out concerning behaviour continue to grow, we recognise that harm from this kind of activity continues to be a reality for many.

So, how can you help create a safer community for everyone here at USC? The best way to start is by understanding what harmful behaviour is and how to seek support.

Here’s your quick guide on recognising unwanted and unwelcome behaviour and what to do if you are a bystander. For more detailed information, resources and support, check out the SafeUSC Specialist Service.

What do I do if I experience, witness or am aware of harmful behaviours?

  • Identify the behaviour - is this how you would act? How would it make you feel if you were to experience it? If it doesn't sit right with you, it probably doesn't sit right with the person it's happening to.
  • Assess the situation - is it safe to say something or intervene straight away? Or maybe it's best to go away and report it? Each situation will be different, so work out the best approach for everyone involved, including yourself.
  • Say something - If you have decided it's safe to do so, you can call out the behaviour in the moment and offer assistance to the victim. No matter what you decide, you should always report it! Reporting any unwanted behaviour can help prevent similar situations from occurring again.

How do I seek support or report harmful behaviour?

For information on matters that we provide support for, see the SafeUSC Specialist Service webpage.

You can report directly to the SafeUSC Specialist Team via:

See something, say something to help create a safer USC.