Congratulations to Semester 1 Student Leadership Award recipients - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Congratulations to Semester 1 Student Leadership Award recipients

17 Sep 2020

This week, we congratulate seven students who will graduate with the USC Student Leadership Award. The Award recognises a student’s dedication to developing leadership skills, employability, professional skills, and qualities alongside their studies.

  • Asha Sara
  • Austin Jamieson
  • Benjamin Cherry-Smith
  • Cassandra Canty
  • Christina Carde
  • Michaella Duggan
  • Sharlea Nicholson

Bachelor of Law/Business student Michaella Duggan participated in a wide range of co-curricular activities as part of the Award including becoming a student leader, attending conferences, and professional development events.

'The Award program provided an excellent introduction to the range of activities available for students to participate in,' she said.

'From improving my personal and employability skills to learning how to support other students, the Award provided the opportunity for me to grow as a person in every area of my study life.

'Volunteering at events such as Orientations and Drop-in Sessions created a sense of community for myself and others I met along the way. This sense of community always made my experiences at University positive.”

USC students can register for the Award at any stage of their degree.