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How do I use Zoom?

31 Mar 2020

From 30 March 2020 your courses may be delivered using technology-enabled learning and teaching platforms, primarily Blackboard and Zoom.

To prepare for using Zoom please follow these How do I use Zoom? instructions.

You will receive communications from your Course Coordinators regarding new arrangements for your course learning and teaching and assessments.

More information and instructions

USC Website


  • provides some great pointers for students joining virtual classrooms from home.

Once you've downloaded Zoom, practice Zooming other students, or your friends and family so you're fully prepared before using it for learning purposes.

Further support is available via the Student IT Helpdesk.

Top tips of webcam etiquette when using Zoom
  1. Clothing - Dress appropriately

  2. Lighting - Make sure you're sitting in a well-lit spot

  3. Microphone - Mute your microphone when you are not required to speak

  4. Behaviour - Be on your best behaviour - you are being watched!

  5. Wifi connection - Make sure you have a good Wifi connection