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Are your personal contact details up-to-date?

12 Feb 2021

It is important that your contact details are up-to-date, including your:

  • mobile phone number - the University may use SMS for appointment or administrative reminders, or any urgent notices, such as public health alerts or during weather emergencies
  • address - if you request an official letter or other documentation, it will be posted to the address recorded in USC Central, so make sure yours is current.
  • email - your student email account is the official channel for University correspondence. However, we also send you email updates for key administrative actions and notices. It's your responsibility to check your email regularly to stay informed.

How to view and update your personal details:

  1. Log in to USC Central.
  2. Select Personal Details.
  3. Select the relevant heading (eg Addresses).
  4. Select the arrow to update the relevant information.
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