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Dual Mode Teaching

30 Jul 2020

The University has been carefully monitoring the Queensland Health Department's advice regarding on-campus teaching support.

Whilst we know lectures will continue to be online for the remainder of the semester, as long as it's safe to do so, we'll be returning to campus from Week 5 of semester for on-campus classes. When classes return to campus you may notice some changes to your classes, depending on the course/s you're studying.

A small number of classes will be run in dual mode which means there will be a combination of on-campus and online students in the same class. This will enable students studying online to share in the on-campus experience and contribute to discussions with peers in their class. Many universities across Australia and around the world are moving to a dual mode system in the belief that it is the best option for delivering high-quality education while still maintaining social distancing.

  • If you're on-campus, you'll notice that your tutor will also be engaging with online students via Zoom.
  • If you're studying online, then you'll notice that the class is being delivered from campus, with on-campus students also taking part.

To prepare for this, we've spent the mid-year break upgrading AV equipment on campus and upskilling teaching staff in order to ensure high-quality audio and videos, and provide all of you with the best possible teaching experience.

How can you participate?

  • If you're on-campus, you'll take part as you always have, but don't forget to speak up when asking a question so that your online peers can hear you.
  • If you're studying online, you'll be able to use the Zoom chat to ask a question, raise your hand using the Participants button and engage with your peers in breakout rooms.

The University has also made the decision to continue with online, open-book exams for Semester 2, as was the case in Semester 1, and we will provide you with updates on this later in the semester.

If you have comments or suggestions about the on-campus or online experience, contact your tutor or Course Coordinator in the first instance as we value your feedback. You are also welcome to reach out directly to me via PVCstudents@usc.edu.au if you have any concerns or wish to make suggestions.