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Self-serve printing

5 Aug 2020

Self-serve printing, copying and scanning is available to USC students, staff and community members using a MyPrint account.

How does it work? 

Users can send their files to print on a USC computer or their own device, then log on to a self-serve printer to release their print jobs.

You'll need to top up your MyPrint account if you don't have credit.

What's the best way to print?

Printing from a USC computer to the Black or Colour print queues gives you reliability and options to select your print output.

If you're using your own computer, log on to USC AnyWhere to print to the Black or Colour print queues.

Where are the printers?

Find a printer at your campus and see the printers capabilities and access hours.

Do you need help?

See the printing instructions to get started.

If you have a problem, printing support can help you solve it.

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